September 01, 2014

Welcome to Vegan MoFo 2014

I'm not a proper 'blogger'. We kind of all know that. But sometimes I would like to be. Sometimes I would like to do all the things that proper bloggers do. 

And so I signed up for Vegan MoFo 2014. 

Well, that and I'm bat crazy. 

Or maybe just 'cause I am bat crazy. You decide. (I'm all for independent thinking over here!)

For those of you who don't know, Vegan MoFo is a blogging thing. During one month bloggers all over the world write as much as humanly possible to write about vegan food in one month. And then they write a bit more.

Then they go eat some yummy vegan food so that they can write some more.

Last year, some of my favorite bloggers took part, like Oh She Glows, Coconut and Berries, Healthy Slow Cooking and Fork and Beans. So I'm in good company.

No, you don't have to be vegan to join in (just for those of you who know that I'm not and are getting slightly confused.) But, everything you post in the Vegan MoFo month (as you may have guessed, this year it's September) has to be vegan. (Aka food/cosmetics/clothes.) That means no meat (well, obvs, I'm a veggie), milk or dairy, eggs, honey, wool etc. Not everything that I will post will be Vegan MoFo related (I'm working on my first bloggiversary people- come on September 6th!), if I have time I will still have some of my normal posts (like book reviews), but if it's not vegan, it won't be on here. No, really.

Some of my posts I have written in advance. This one, for example, as I am (or should be at least) in Edinburgh at the university open day. I'm curating a whole stack of blog posts ready so that all I have to do is click publish. I may even do it on my phone. Because we know where there are days when I just won't have time (or aren't feeling brill and don't want to blog) to do justice to you kind readers. I have a review of Bear Nibbles Yoyo's which has been sitting there since May. No, I'm not joking.

Also, I anticipate being real busy this month. Something to do with starting college again. Tomorrow....

Yeah, we ain't talkin' 'bout that.

So, do you want to hear more about what you are going to be reading about over the next month?

I know you do.

Well, my theme is going to be about vegan lunchboxes (so you're not escaping the bentos) and vegan ready made snacks - you know, the ones that you carry around in your college bag for the days when you forget your lunch? The 'Emergency Cereal Bar'. Although I haven't found any vegan cereal bars yet, so you won't be hearing about any of those. How about a 'Emergency Fruit and Nut bar'?

So- you excited? I am. 


  1. Looking forward to your vegan lunchbox ideas, since my son just started kindergarten and we need some lunch suggestions! Happy MoFo!

    1. Happy MoFo to you two! I hope you get some good suggestions!!

  2. A good theme there. Ideas for emergency vegan snacks are always welcome. Enjoy Mofo.

    1. Well... I just hope that I give you some good ones!