September 08, 2014


I was going to talk about taking a veggie burger/sliders in your lunch, however, we did not have any bread buns. We did have pittas. So instead I'll talk about p-urgers. Deal?

The moral of today's post is: you can mix it up a bit. If you have a veggie burger and you want to put it in a pitta: go for it! It's a bit like Mexican pizza. It's not how it used to be done, but you can do what you like it. As long as you like it, go for it. 

My Dad was highly dubious about me having a (cold but cooked) veggie burger in my lunch. Apparently, they look bad enough warm never mind cold. He likes organ music, I don't eat meat. We each must learn to deal. And that a cold veggie burger is surely much better in my lunchbox than a jam sandwich every day. 

So, if people look at you funny, just ignore them. Veggie burgers are fine cold. 

I like cold veggie burger's because it makes a change from hummus, while I still have the satisfaction of having made my lunch myself, and my sandwich filling hasn't come packaged in a store. I do like all the "meat replacers" (when I say "like all the", please don't take that literally. Some of them are foul. I just mean I don't oppose them, and usually quite like the veggie pepperoni.) but that doesn't mean that I want to eat them everyday. Also, if I did eat them everyday, that would become quite expensive. 

Veggie burgers are quick to eat, and don't require cutlery. Good because a) as a general rule, I don't like cutlery and b) it's easier to eat something handheld if you are using your right hand to do your homework. It's quick to eat (sorry, I'm a babbling parrot I know)- I mean the burger is the ultimate fast food! (Though those are usually made of who knows what, and not beans and mushrooms), and when you are out at school/work, as a general rule, fast is good; whether it's because after 8 minutes the red faced dinner lady will start yelling at you that you're taking too long and to get out, or because you have sixty thousand e-mails that need dealing with because SOMEWHERE in there is one very important one from your boss that you need to read before you're meeting with them at 2. 

It's very easy to customize a burger. Want pickles? Add pickles. Want vegan cheese? Add vegan cheese. Want four different kinds of sauce? Add four different kinds of sauce. Like green stuff? Add green stuff. Like pencil sharpenings in your burger? Possibly go see your doctor. If I had been anything more then completely tired after starting back at college, my p-urgers would have been a lot more inspired, believe me. They would have had some of the lettuce that is now probably dying in the bottom of the fridge for a start. See, I even manage to kill dead stuff. You can have a veggie burger however you want it. If you're making lunch for more than one person? You can make the same lunch for everyone but still achieve perfection in making everyone's favorite lunch. (Which you may not want to do- they'd be begging for you to do lunch everyday). 

If you are just making them for yourself, because you can make a batch, then shove (sorry, carefully store, or, if like me you can't manage the freezer yet due to mobility issues, get your Mom to carefully store) them in your freezer, and you have a burger to pull out for those days when you're fridge is full but contains nothing that you can use to make lunch. Or tea. Or breakfast. Which begs the question what is it filling up the fridge?

Plus, who doesn't like veggie burgers? (Apart from maybe my Dad.) 

And how many star's do p-urgers get on the bento marking scheme? Well... we'll see won't we! 

So, I had two p-urgers, both made with half a veggie burger and a mini pitta, a container of salad, and a chopped up apple. 

1. TIME I was two tired to spend much time on this bento, and it suffered as a result (no burger fixings for one). So I'll loose 1 star. (I. Hate. Minuses.)

4. BALANCE Um.... yeah. I forgot the calcium because see "TIME". So that puts me on minus too stars. 

6. PACKAGING Nothing came individually wrapped. So now I'm just on minus one star. 

7. CUTENESS There is a lack of it because see "TIME". Back to minus two. 

8. PLANNING Because of see "TIME", I forgot to check we had burger buns. Minus three. 

So that puts me on minus three. 

Despite the fact that my bento today got minus three stars, please don't think that taking a veggie burger in a packed lunch is a bad idea. It's a really grate idea. If you have TIME. And you really don't need that much. Apart from the cooking the burger, I think I put my lack-luster bento together  in about 30 seconds. If I'd of spent another 2 minutes, I would have totally aced this box. However I didn't, and I'm sorry that I don't have a totally ace box to show you. But homework comes first (frowey face). But it was still pretty tasty, and that's the main thing, right?