September 04, 2014

The Handheld Salad Bento

If you need to finish eating you packed lunch before you are allowed to go and pack lunch; you don't want to have a salad. 

If you are trying to eat one handed while working; you don't want to have a salad. 

If you are self conscious about not having a ham sandwich like everyone else (I know you should be proud of this fact, but I'm just being a realist); you don't want to have a salad. 

If you are likely to forget to pack a fork; you don't want to have a salad.

If you need carbohydrates to fill you up for a hard day at school/college/work; you don't want to have a (some) salads. 

If you like salads; you want to have a salad.

If you want to eat healthily; you (probably) want to have a salad. (At least sometimes.) 

If you can be put into several of the above categories, you might want to try the handheld salad. 

Basically, it's not rocket science (and i do physics, I would know), you just stuff some salad into a pita or wrap. 

And voila, you have a salad that's quick(er), one hand needed only, discrete, no implements required, and includes some complex carbohydrates. 

Win win.

Sorry, Rubbish Photo

Salad, in mini pitta pockets, yogurt with jam and crispy onions. 

If you are going to take this idea (and I do hope at least SOMEONE does), I would suggest full sized pittas, or a wrap, because to get a decent amount of salad into these pockets, you had to over stuff it slightly, which kind of defeated a lot of the objectives slightly. But they only had mini pitas, and so mini pittas is what you've got. 

And I know it's MoFo, but that doesn't mean that my bento's are exempt from marking!


3. RECORDING This is the day that it was/will be eaten. So that definitely deserves a star. 

4. BALANCE It doesn't look like it, but it does have everything else. The salad is Fresh Waldorf Salad for the book Peas and Thankyou by Sarah Matheny, and, as well as lettuce, it contains apple, grapes and pecans. So definitely two portions of fruits and veggies there, protein in the pecans, calcium in the yogurt and complex carbohydrates in the pitta. Two stars.

5. BOXABILITY New box, and I got it all to fit. Three stars. 

6. PACKAGING No packaging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What-so-ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! For what I think is the first time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might cry with joy!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, I'm getting a star for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. PLANNING I loose a star. I sat for ten minutes trying to decide what to put in the corner where the onions are. When Dad said we had tomatoes, I should of checked that he meant cherry tomatoes, not the ones you slice. BAD PLANNING. :(

That's three stars. I should do this handheld salad thing more often. 


  1. Cor that looks yummy! Hope you are having a great MOFO!

    From a fellow UK blogger,

    1. It's the "Fresh Waldorf Salad" from the book Peas and Thankyou by Sarah Matheny. And I'm loving discovering all the UK vegans this MoFo. I used to think they only existed over the pond! (Not literally obviously!)