September 14, 2014

Can It!

No, I'm not being rude. No, I'm not telling you to be quiet. I'm just telling you to can it. 

As in, open a can, heat it up, put it in your food jar, eat. 

It looks like this:

Except honestly, it's hard to make canned soup look good. It really is. It smelt yummy. Someone invent a way to smell what I smelt, and you're golden. It did taste yummy. It just looks a bit...


Okay, so canned soup doesn't look the best. 

But it's a good alternative to real soup when you've forgotten to take a portion of real soup out the freezer. OR when it's almost soup veggie season, but not yet and you've run out of soup in your freezer. Cause, you don't want a dead sophisticated soup in your lunch. You want something basic but good. The kind of soup I presume would be good when camping. Just heat and eat. Nothing fancy- none of that spring veggie soup with 5" spears of asparagus floating on top. 

You want something that fills you up and warms you up. And comes out of a can for when you need something out of a can. 

It doesn't even have to be soup. Baked bean's, spaghetti, ravioli, veggie chili. But it's soup which will give you the most options. 

And yeah, I know- who knew supermarkets would have vegan canned stuff in their shelves. I'm not talking about the free from "weird food" isles either. THEY ARE OUT THERE. They are on the shelves with the other stuff. Okay, that means you need to do a bit of digging, but it's uplifting. Vegan is mainstream people! 

My top tip for finding these mysterious vegan cans? Don't go out there and look at every can until you find the ones that are vegan- be a boy scout, "be prepared". Get the vegan list. Sainsbury's updates there's monthly- M&S is good too. (Posh, but they have an easily accessible one). If there isn't one on your store of choice's website, don't be afraid to e-mail them and ask. What's the worst that can happen? They ban you from shopping there? Not likely- so go ahead and ask! And read the whole list, even if you are only looking for one thing. Some of the things on there might be a nice surprise! (Any body like ginger nuts- go to Sainsbury's). You do have to make sure your list is up to date- ingredients change, so don't be going around using a list you printed of 5 years ago. 

And if your looking for baked beans- don't go to Sainsbury's. Why, I don't know. 

So- get your list, go pick up some cans, then stick 'em in the back of your cupboard. Mine are on top of my cereal. Forget about them. Don't do what my Mom does and panic and eat anything that's been there over a week cause you obviously don't want it. Then, the morning you've forgotten about lunch, or it's the middle of August but for some reason it's cold and cloudy outside and you want something WARM and something that isn't salad, open, heat, eat. 

I'm not saying do this everyday. But it's called convenience food for a reason. It's meant to be there for those moment's when you need them most. A bit like your Dad when you've left home. Don't see him often, but if you need to be told how to change a light bulb, he's just one phone call away. Always there when you need them. 

And I do know how to change a light bulb btw. Go open, heat, (don't eat) for someone who does. Free food goes far. 


  1. if i am not feelin 'it' i grab a can of soup, any left over csa veg & any tofu/beans/plant protein i have left and make a meal of it! no shame in my canned-game!

    1. Exactly my point! Except we only usually have salad vegetables lying around...

  2. Great POST!!!! Thought I would stop by for Vegan Mofo! Neat place you have here! I have a couple of vegan contests on my blog this week if you want to swing by

    1. Thanks :) I'm sorry I missed them! (Like - they were 18 months ago! Wow - thats a long time! )