September 26, 2014

Awesome Sauce

Apple sauce is awesome sauce. But applesauce has been done before. So we are just going to talk about awesome awesome sauce. Sound awesome? Awesome. 

When I went on the French Exchange (Year 12, so we were 16/17 years old) there were a few days when our partner's family had to provide us with lunch. I loved it. A amazing sandwich on french bread (some of the families got 'English bread' for their students. No one liked it. It was not English bread) and trust me, french bread tastes so much nicer in France. My partners mother went out at 6:30am to get my fresh bread. I know. A pot of applesauce and leftover apple crumble. Give me my favourite food, and then give me my favourite food in my favourite form, I'm a happy girl. There was some other stuff in there, and she constantly tried to put even more in, but what was the best? What do I remember? The sandwich, the applesauce, the apple crumble. I was a happy girl. 

What was the other best bit? We sat outside in the sun and had a lazy picnic. All together. Our teacher overbalanced and rolled (like, a roll-y pole-y roll) down the ill (don't worry, she wasn't hurt). We all shared our food. It was good. It was brilliant. I was wearing factor 50 and enjoying the heat on my skin (I was wearing skin colored tights for the first time). 

Oh, and it was snowing back home. 

Yeah, try explaining that to your partner. "Yeah, that's cause it was Febuary when we came to England." No, it's SNOWING today. She thought I was speaking bad French. No, we just have bad weather. 

(We went in April) 

It was one of the best days ever. And what made it even better? Awesomesauce. Most families sent their student with a squeezey pouch of applesauce. To most everyone else, they had been presented with something that was just wrong. But it's okay, they all knew to give the 'baby food' to me. It's okay- I gave them my orange juice. 

It was a good time.

Plus, coconut milk sorbet- have to recreate that for you some time. 

Most English don't do applesauce. Applesauce is an over sugared condiment you get in a small jar to go with pork. Most English should do applesauce. And most definitely NEVER with pork, or any other kind of meat. Really people, try proper applesauce. It's not baby food (almost). 

And it's easy to make. Chop up apples and other fruit as desired. I used a bag of apples and a punnet of peaches. The awesome thing about this awesome sauce is that your fruit doesn't have to be beautiful. It can be down right ugly fruit if you want. I specifically ask for cheap apples when I know I'm making apple sauce. Looks really don't count because your gonna mush it up anyway. You can use any type of fruit you want with the apples. Soft fruits and berries are safe choices, though try anything you fancy- if it goes wrong than oh well. I really want to try apple, cherry and kiwi. 

Cook them. Yeah, I know, such precise instructions. Cook the fruit like a casserole in the oven, on the hob, in the slow cooker if you have one, or a microwave. Whatever works best for you. You may need to add a bit of water, especially if you're cooking it on the hob, but that depends on how much juice comes from your fruit. Don't add a lot, just a bit. We all know the rule, you can add but you can't take away. The fruit should be soft, and cooked, and there should be some "sauce", but it doesn't have to be a complete mush. 

Liquidise or mash your sauce. This is the point where it beomes sauce. How you turn it into sauce and to what state of mush-ness you do is up to your own preference. I use a stick blender to turn it very smooth because I like to use it for baking.

[Okay, there were meant to be more pictures, but I can't get them off my old laptop.]

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