November 24, 2015

I'm Still Here

Just before we go any further - I need to clear one thing up. It is NOT OPTIONAL to listen to 'I'm Still Here' from Treasure Planet while reading this post. 

Heres the link to the song on YouTube if you need it. 

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. 

(I'm not even sure where that actually comes from). 

Basically - this is just me popping in to say that .... well.... I'm still here. 

And that I'm sorry. And thank you. 

I'll start with thank you. 

Thank you because there has not been ONE SINGLE DAY since April where I have not had a page view. I'm still not sure why - but you're reading my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I've no idea who you are - but thank you. 

Thank you because I had a goal for this Vegan MoFo (wow wasn't that a long time ago) and it was to have more page views than I did last year during MoFo. And last year during MoFo I had more page views than my blog had had in total in it's entire 1 year history. It was a lot. And you helped me 'do better' this year. 

I love blogging. I love creating stuff to post it on here. I love all the recipes that I make. I mean - I love food. And yes - somewhere along the way I think I can safely say that this has become a food blog. I love reading my favorite bloggers and looking at what they're creating - and thinking 'Hey - maybe one day I'll be that good'. And 'Hey - maybe one day I'll of created a recipe for the most amazing xyz'. I love making their recipes and thinking 'Hey - this is yummy. I can't wait to make something yummy too.' I love looking at Blogger Stats and seeing that hey - people are reading my blog. And I love thinking that as I go on - more and more people are reading it. No - it's not all about how many page views I get. That's a small part of why I do it. I do it because I ENJOY blogging - I enjoy creating recipes and putting them online for other people to try (or not). I enjoy writing. Have I ever told you that I write novels? I'm a writer. But it's also nice to see people are reading what I write. And I do that by page views. 

And now to sorry. Sorry - because (even though you have been reading) I have not been writing. 

At. All. 

There's a pencil case I've seen in Waterstones. It says 'Long Time No Blog'. That pretty much sums up the situation. Because 'Long Time' doesn't mean a few weeks. It means a few months. So really - I need a pencil case that says 'Very Long Time No Blog'. 

And I'm sorry - but I don't see it getting any better for at least a month. Hey - maybe I'll get a post in before Christmas. But probably not. 

So MoFo ended and I've started to uni. And 'it's just been one of those weeks' has turned into 'it's just been one of those few weeks' and then it goes on. It's not like I haven't wanted to write something - I really have. I've even got as far as photographing a few things. But for either 'some reason' or because I suddenly find I have a whole chapter of my math textbook with which to acquaint myself - nothing has got as far as being published. I had an excellent recipe for Halloween - but all of a sudden it was November. 

Although I say that - my hall's Laundry Room is still decorated for Halloween. 

And I have exams before Christmas. Which basically means.... unlike last time I had exams when I lined up a load of posts so that SOMETHING would be posted- that I'm just not going to be able to post much before next year. Maybe I'll have time inbetween the end of exams and actually Christmas to post something. You know me - it'll probably be an oatmeal recipe. 

But maybe this post isn't just to say that I'm still here. 

My blog turned 2 this September. 

Maybe I can blame the silence on the terrible twos?  

I don't think my parents would have ever thought that this 'blog thing' (I'm not even 100% sure that they knew what a blog was at that point. TBH - I'm still don't think they 100% get what it is now - after 2 years) would last this long. Not till I got to uni. Not after I started back at College. I think they thought it was just something to keep me occupied while I was ill - something I'd do for a few days - but probably wouldn't even last the month. 

But yup (as you might have guessed) I'm still here. 

And I don't intend to go any where. I love my blog. I love this - my little space on the internet. This little space which is mine. 

So not only am I still here - I don't intend to go anywhere. 

Apart from maybe a place a bit better than here. 

I guess it's a bit like having a pet - I love my blog, but if I don't 'feed' it - well that's not so good - is it? 

I want to be RIGHT HERE - but posting more than never. I'm gonna work on it - and make sure I'm posting at least once a week. Maybe twice a week. Or three times a week. I have enough ideas to last me until the year 3000 - and that's assuming that I don't have any more. Which is not going to happen. 

On that note - what do you think about Snickers Bar hot chocolate? Yes? No? Let me know. 

People talk about 'out growing their blogs' and starting new ones. I don't want to ever do that. This is my blog. Period. 

Okay - so yes - at some point (maybe when I've finished uni) I want to move over to Wordpress. At some point- I want to be able to say that I have my own domain name. And at some point I want to invest in a full DSLR. One day I might publish an Ebook - or I might use my blog to make money some other way. But not for a long time. 

I know what I want to happen in my future. And Ana's Rocket Ship is definitely going to be part of it - whatever happens. 

Right now - I'm still here. I hope to be a lot more 'with it' soon. I am slightly more 'here' on Instagram (anasrocketship) and Facebook (Ana's Rocket Ship Blog). I also feel really 'spam-y' saying this (sorry) but sign up to e-mails (side bar) and as soon as I DO post something (other than this - and I'm not even sure what this is) you will be the first to know. Yeah. Happy Christmas to you :P 

So yeah - I guess see you in a bit. 

And remember that I'm Still Here.