About Me

I am Ana.

I don't like aubergines. I don't even like them if you call them eggplants.

I will never ever never eat a baked product with zucchini/courgette in them. Nor will I ever force feed them to a child saying "you liked them before you knew what was in them." We didn't. 

My favourite food is apple. If that apple has been cooked and mushed up, even better. If you accidentally get me a Ella's baby food pouch instead of a Smoothie Fruit pouch, I will unashamedly eat it. 

I like Miffy. But Hello Kitty will do. 

If given a choice, only Crayola will do. And I now have a lot of Crayola. I am the girl who played with Nana's 60 count box of crayons before she would even consider coloring with it.

I don't garden. At the very best, I can just about grow cress on a piece of kitchen paper.

I am a vegetarian. I am not a vegan. I just don't like milky stuff and eggy stuff. Dad calls this a vegan-tarian. 

I live at home in Lancashire, England with my parents and this weird thing that we affectionately call my brother. The jury's still out on if he's actually human :P

I like Kit Kats. I like them even more if someone is willing to have the other half.

My favorite sweets are Starbursts. But I only eat the green and red ones.

I am 5' 2''. And I can't walk in high heels. Life is cruel.

I am very proud to be a Girl Guide. I really enjoy helping out with 'my' Rainbows. I don't like helping out with the Brownies- they don't like coconut and jam. 

I like cooking and baking. But due to stupid chemo changing my tastes, I don't want to eat cakes/loads of biscuits at the moment. I want to bake more. But I don't want piles of cupcakes festering in my parents kitchen.

My guilty little secret? I like tumbling my pyjamas and then putting them on. 

I like salad. And kale. And salad. Did I mention salad? 

I can make an omelet without using any eggs.

I want to study maths and physics at university. 

I don't have access to a high speed jug blender, food processor, stand mixer, waffle iron or ice cream maker. And our slow cooker currently smells like smoked fish. (It wasn't from my dinner)

I'm recovering from Bone Cancer. I am very tired. My tastes are still a bit funny. I can't walk very well- and I can't yet walk at all without crutches. I use a wheelchair a lot outside the house still. And I get bored but often at these points I'm too tired to do anything exciting that will stop me from being bored.

I hate our gas cooker that doesn't work. (Very well)

I can knit. Yes, I can knit without looking at it. 

I like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Disney and other stuff. Other stuff does not include any programme to do with gardening or antiques, any war film/western, and Lawrence of Arabia.

I am not a vegan (repeat) but I like a lot of vegan recipes because they are vegetarian and don't have a lot of milk and eggs in.

I like music. I kind of like 'soft' anything, but not 'hardcore' anything, and never electronic music. I also don't like Wagner. I have a second generation iPod, which is too old to be cool, but not old enough to be vintage.

I am 18.

I haven't learnt to drive yet, but I'm going to. Soon/someday.

I am currently trying to decide which University to go to.

I like writing books- but currently our subscription to Microsoft Word has run out, so I can't write.

I used to have long, ginger hair. Now I have almost non existent, probably ginger hair. And a wig.

My favourite movies are Miracle on 34th Street and Frozen

I'm starting college again in September

I used to be able to dance on point.

This is Spotty. Some bloggers have adorable kittens of playful pups, mine goes in the washer. Well... Sometimes.

Doesn't he look majestic posed like that? Picture credit to Mom. 

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