October 27, 2013

Nice Nails # 2

Roll up, roll up, imaginary blog readers. Its another one of those boring nail posts. Hey, I'm not wearing make up every day for the first time in years. Not even the concealer. I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I'm bigging up the nails. Learn to live with it. 

Okay, neither me or my Mom can take credit for these. These were Auntie Sue. You can tell. They look professional. The pictures don't. Better than the last ones though. Hey, we're improving. 

So, what did you think? We wen't with blue this week. And glitter.

Sparkle sparkle. 

The nurses were very impressed with my nails. Not impressed enough to let me keep it on for the general anesthetic though, and so this, my friends, is what my nail polish looked like as it was taken off. 

They have posh nail polish remover at the Christies. I'm serious. Like really posh. Like the conditioning apricot kernel stuff. Mom liked the smell and kept sniffing it. I had to keep reminding her that that might not be such a good idea. 

So... You likey?

You're a Pain

Hi pain,

Yes I'm looking at you.
You can't hide from me you know.
I know you're there. 

I've got a bone to pick with you.
A really big one.
But you've got a head start picking on me. 

I know who you are. 
You're the next door neighbor from down under. 
But not the kind of down under that drinks Fosters.
The kind of down under which has horns.
You're the next door neighbor who's up all night partying, keeping me up.
You're the local pest, and just when the neighborhood thinks its rid of you, you manage to scrape together the rent. 
Then throw a party to celebrate. 

You're a bit of a pain, pain.

You're a bit bossy, pain.
If  you tell me that I can't do something, then I can't. 
Other people don't like people who are bossy. 

I brought you home to meet my parents. 
My Daddy didn't like you very much.
He worries about me and you together. 
You make me lie to him pain, when I tell him I'm okay.

You got me on drugs pain. 
They make me a bit high. 
They make me hyper like a kid in a candy store. 
I think you got me on them so I'd smile, even when I don't feel like smiling. 
I don't want to get addicted to them. 
The dealers say I wont - but I don't always trust them.
Sometimes they scare me too. 

You scare me to pain. 
You scare me so much, I'm paralyzed. 
It's not fun pain.
Not for me.

I wouldn't mind if you went away now pain. 
I've kind of had enough of you.
You can go home now.
I don't want you hanging around. 
I've tolerated it for long enough now. 
They said you'd get bored, loose interest, go away. 

But you haven't, have you?

That was a rhetorical question. You weren't supposed to laugh at it. 

Shut up pain. 
Pack you're bags pain. 
Go home pain. 

I've had it with you. 
Can't you see where you're not wanted?

Yeah, I'm still looking at you. 
I don't trust you to play nicely. I'm loosing my patience with you. 
Don't try any funny business. 
I'll know it was you. 

Nice Nails # 1

Okay my imaginary blog readers, here is a very boring post. I'll give you a quick synopsis. Here are some very bad pictures of what my nails currently look like.

We'll actually, here are some very bad pictures of what my nails looked like a while ago. Chemo means you get a bit behind. Any one any problems with that? No? I thought not. 


To start with, here are some pictures of what I used to make the fabulous creations that are my nails. Okay, so the pictures aren't great. We're working on it people. 

Due to the fact that it totally isn't obvious what's actually in the pictures, I'll tell you what they are. The two bottles are the base layer and top coat. I got them just after Christmas. They're not brilliant, but they're pretty good, and they've lasted okay. The main problem with them is there's not enough in the bottles to get out enough without spending about a minute in between each nail wiggling the brush around in the bottle. 

The two bottles in the middle were my chosen colours. Both were also brought just after Christmas in the January sales at Boots. They're both the Scarlett and Crimson brand, which is done by Ruby and Millie for young teenagers and Tweens. But I liked the colours, so they'll do for me. That's also where the stickers are from. If you need any clarification from the really bad photo, they're little black roses by the way. 

We are working on the pictures guys. Its hard when you're camera takes worse pictures than your phone. And you can't really walk around to find the best place to take pictures. 

And now we're moving onto the toes... 

Aren't you just so excited? (Just pretend... Please... I'm ill... Do stuff to make me happy imaginary readers...) 

So, onto toes. I kept with the roses, this time going for pink instead of black. I only had one set of black. And red polish, because roses are red and all that. I didn't go with the top coat, because I, in my current plaster of paris full lengh cast situation, have to ask Mom to do my nails. It's a stressful situation for both of us. She almost does a very good job. But I decided not to push it with the top coat. 

So what do you think? Not that you can really see... I am working on it people, honestly! Okay, so...

Thank you for not reading I guess.