September 06, 2013

Suds Galore

Okay. So who writes their first blog post about soap?

Well - me apparently. 

Well - wouldn't everyone write about soap?

What's that - speak up. 



Okay, so maybe it just is me. Oh well. Can't be helped. 

Soap is important. No one can deny it. Soap is important for a number of reasons:
1. It keeps us clean
2. It smells nice (usually)
3. It stops us (me) getting zits (very important) (okay- it keeps away the excess zits. The trials of being an adolescent human)
4. It makes


That last ones important. Very important. Got that? Course you do. 

There have been some soap-er-ific changes in this household recently. 

It all started with the envy game that my Mom and my Aunt play. One of them gets something, and the other then gets >enter product name here<-envy. So for example when our washer machine FINALLY popped its clogs, and we got a new washer, my Aunt got washing machine envy. And then when she got a new washer, it was my Moms turn to get washing machine envy. They do it with big things like washers and small things like loo roll and Christmas washing up liquid. Don't diss the Christmas washing up liquid. It is the only Christmas that my Mom does. 

Okay, so that explains the premise of the envy-game. Well, my Aunt got some soap- soap that smells like strawberry laces and cola bottles - and so Mom had to have some. So Mom went out with Dad and got some strawberry laces soap. 

This is what it looks like in our bathroom. So the pic looked better on my camera screen. Sorry imaginary blog readers.

Now- lets just get this straight. My parents DO NOT buy this particular brand of soap. Under no circumstances would a bottle EVER reside under our roof. 

Until now. 

Now, when Mom had soap envy, and both parents deny the soap boycott. I mean seriously;
a) yes- I have a favourite brand of soap
b) yes- this particular brand of soap is my favorite
c) why is it when my parents FINALLY get my favorite brand of soap in, I am rendered unable to use it because I have to use Hibiscrub. 

Photo credited to my brother who went and took a picture of it for all the orange and blackcurrant Starbursts

I know. Hibiscrub. It kills all the bacteria on my skin. Including the good ones so there is less chance of infection. 

But it is just weird. I mean seriously weird. As in, what on is it. Its not soap, and it's definitely not lotion, and it's not some sort if cleanser. Its too thin and too thick, and bright fluorescent pink. No- not like the bright fluorescent pink of the strawberry laces soap, we mean fluorescent. It most probably glows in the dark. Yes, we're talking seriously here. 

The girl ain't happy over here. Yeah, I no. Quit complaining - it may save your life someday. 

I don't care. It's a weird colour and it glows in the dark. You (my imaginary blog readers) are not the ones who have to use it. 

I miss soap.

And bubbles. 

:( Sad face.