October 27, 2013

Nice Nails # 2

Roll up, roll up, imaginary blog readers. Its another one of those boring nail posts. Hey, I'm not wearing make up every day for the first time in years. Not even the concealer. I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I'm bigging up the nails. Learn to live with it. 

Okay, neither me or my Mom can take credit for these. These were Auntie Sue. You can tell. They look professional. The pictures don't. Better than the last ones though. Hey, we're improving. 

So, what did you think? We wen't with blue this week. And glitter.

Sparkle sparkle. 

The nurses were very impressed with my nails. Not impressed enough to let me keep it on for the general anesthetic though, and so this, my friends, is what my nail polish looked like as it was taken off. 

They have posh nail polish remover at the Christies. I'm serious. Like really posh. Like the conditioning apricot kernel stuff. Mom liked the smell and kept sniffing it. I had to keep reminding her that that might not be such a good idea. 

So... You likey?