November 01, 2013

Nice Nails # 3

Remember how last time I'd had my nails done they were done by my Auntie and that's why they looked so good?

Yeah, well they were done by her again. You can tell. They don't look slightly dodgy.

Well, they do, but that's only because of my photography efforts. One day, now not actually imaginary blog readers, they will get better. One day, you might actually be able to see what I am showing you. As it is, you can't really, so I will explain.

Toes: Dark pinky-red on all toes apart from my big toe, which is pink with a yellow and white flower on it. 

Fingers: Dark pinky-red on all fingers apart from my ring finger, which is pink. All nails covered in glitter. 

I've tried to keep this short and sweet- because I am very proud of my nails and want to tell everyone all about them (they're still getting lots of compliments in hospital) but now people are actually reading my blog, I have to be careful. I don't want to put any one into a sleeping beauty like slumber. 

So on that note, see ya!

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