November 01, 2013

Nice Nails # 4

Can you tell I'm backtracking? 

What gave me away? 

Is it the fact that I'm writing another blog post about my nails about 30 seconds after publishing the last one? Yeah- that might be it. I can't paint my nails that fast.

Actually, I can't apparently paint my nails at all. For some reason Mom has got it in her head that I need someone else to paint them for me. I must admit, I need someone else to paint my toes (full length plaster of paris casts kind of have a habit of getting in the way a bit) - but no, Mom, I am perfectly capable of painting my own finger nails. 

Well, maybe not perfectly capable, but I'm okay at it. We'll go with adequately capable. However, I can't do them apparently, and as Mom didn't want to do them, she looked around for someone else, and stumbled open a poor family friend who was visiting. Surprisingly she has actually been back since. I know- I'm shocked too. 

She did a very good job, despite the fact that the nail polish was very bad. It got thrown out afterwards. It's sad, it was a pretty color, but alas, it had been opened to long, and it had gone gloopy. And gloopy nail polish is just not worth the headache. I mean- it's not like the world is going to run out of pink nail polish any time soon. 

I decided to go with a 'plain' look this time (can hot pink ever really be called plain?). They've been all jazzed up good and proper the last couple of weeks, but this time we were going for the classic(ish) look- no glitter top coat, no stickers and no feature nail. Just good old pure block color. 

Now, I appreciate that these pictures are bad. Even by the normal bad standard of my photos, these are bad. Me and Mom (it's slightly impossible to take a picture of your fingers if they're busy holding the camera and pressing the button) were just having a bad picture taking day. You've heard of the bad hair day- this is it's photographic equivalent. 

So, the classic hot pink very gloopy nail polish on all nails (fingers and toes) looks like this:

Are you impressed? No? Didn't think you would be, but I thought I'd ask any way. It was worth a try. 


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