November 01, 2013

In Other, Less Intersting, News # 1

Warning to readers. This next post is basically just a long(ish) list of photos that I have amassed and want to share with you. They have no connection to each other, apart from the fact that they occurred in my rather limited life. It's basically a bit like the last story on the news on a slow day - at best slightly noteworthy. 

To start it all off, this is the Royal Wedding commemorative mug that Mom had her tea (made for her by her favorite Healthcare Assistant) served to her one night in hospital. You can't really see in the bluzzy picture, and it was a while ago so I can't remember exactly what it said, so I won't try to re-write it. Basically, it confirms that the Queen uses Facebook. Now, we call Nana a silver surfer, but this is silver surfing to a whole new level. 

It was a very clever mug, and credit is due to whoever designed it, however I don't know where it came from. Apart from saying the ward kitchen. 

And this, my friends, is the first bowl of porridge of the porridge season (which, granted, is most year-round). When talking about hospital food and my then lack of appetite, my friend commented that the YOU would get on a lot better if they served porridge. When this comment was repeated to Dad, he agreed. The YOU are thanking you, dear friend. It's ended the discussions with the OT about how many calories are in a coco pop (I was going for a calorie a go, she however reckoned it was about ten coco pops per calorie). 

I even have a choice of porridge flavors some mornings. And they make it for me with my milk. They're nice like that.  

This is the pattern that can be found on a hospital nightgown. While I was wearing the monstrosity (it just generally not my usual style of nightie), Mom decided she liked the pattern and made me take a picture of it. And now I don't know what she expects me to do with it. 

Now what would you say this is? 

A sweet potato - yeah? Just an ordinary sweet potato you say? 

Well you be wrong. 

This is a Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Sweet Potato. 

And they're white in the middle. It surprised Dad when he peeled into it, and he bought it. 
And me and Mom are in agreement, we tasted the difference and preferred the original. Apparently the taste of a sweet potato lies in the color, although Mom put salt on hers and she said that vastly improved the slight blandness that existed without. I just resorted to tomato sauce. 

My solution also dealt with the color issue though. 

These (the grey thing and the red thing at the end of my bed - sorry, I couldn't move to get a better picture) are my new nighties from Marks and Spencer's. Mom has had my hospital bag all ready to go at a moments notice, just in case I get a temperature. However, that meant that I ran out of nightwear (which in my case is most often day wear to), and so we had to resort to buying more. 

This yellow and purple thing in this photo (okay, so I got the zoom a bit messed up in this one), is a sharps bin. More specifically, this is a full and sealed sharps bin. Technically, it's an overfull sharps bin, because Mom ignored the clear instructions not to fill above this line. It meant she struggled to close it, but it closed eventually. This means that I've had more than enough injections to fill a sharps bin on my own. Not counting all the ones I've had in hospital. Trust me, this is a lot of injections. 

This is exactly what it looks like. It's a birthday present. I think this is the earliest I've ever given anyone a birthday present, considering that it's over a month away, but you just know that if you don't give it early, I won't see her, and she IS NOT getting it late. I'm a pretty bad friend most of the time, but not quite that bad.

And this is the final item on the agenda. This is the box of syringes the district nurse dropped off. Its full. I wish it was pictured next to something, so that you could see just how big it is, but it's not. Let me tell you, it's big. And we may never get through them all. There's fifty in there people. We were expecting something in the 6-14 kind of category. Well, we are now well prepared for a hard winter of being snowed in. Tin cans: not check. Electricity generator: not check. Syringes: check. 

You know, one day I will actually find something not boring for you to read about, but until that day comes, you're stuck with my eternal waffle. Well, if nothing else, you have a surefire way to cure a sleepless night. 

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