November 30, 2013

Nice Nails # 5 - Out With The Old, In With The New

A bit of trivia for you. In my pictures folder, there is a folder called "2013" were all the pictures for the blog our. Yup, I'm afraid for you that means I plan to continue blogging in 2014. Sorry peoples, this blog is no short term venture. In that folder, there are folders "September" through "December" where there is a folder for each blog post, but there are also folders for the blog's I've got pictures for but haven't written up yet. I just realized as I made a "December" folder, I have a Nice Nails 5-8 in my 2013 folder. And that doesn't include what I've got on at the minute. 

Oops. I think I'm a bit behind. 

Another bit of trivia for you. I have absolutely no idea which "alignment" I should write the blog in:

Left, or


At the moment, I seem to be doing a bit of both. This is not a chess worthy strategically planned move people, this is just how it is happening. I'm leaving it all up to the fate of Blogger. I mean, I can change the alignment, I can change it quite easily, I just don't, because I don't know which it should be. I've not read the blogging manual people. I'm winging it. But, it's time for some consistency. So, I ask you, which should it be? Which format do you prefer reading it in? Leave your answers in the comments below. 

Okay, so on to nail polish. 

Remember how last time I painted my nails a very pretty hot pink color, which alas, as I told you, had to be thrown out afterwards due to extreme gloopyness? (Don't you just hate it when nail polish goes old?)

Well, this is that polish. It's sad, it's got to go. I'm upset. I do have one really similar though, so I guess I'll get over it. (I just had to upload that photo twice. The first time it was upside down. I thought you'd appreciate it more if it was right way up.) 

These two also reached the end of their days. :( It just wasn't to be any longer. One was too used up, and the other just had to go. Not quite sure why, it just did. It needed to go to keep the others company.

Now I was in a predicament. I had no base coat and no top coat. And so, introducing, the wonderful, most practicle, most brilliant, 

Okay, I've got chemo brain, I can't actually think of any adjectives (they are adjectives, right?)

So, introducing my new dual purpose top and base coat:

It's by Barry M. My older cousin has assured my Mom that it's a good buy. So has my Aunt. So it should be good stuff. I can't tell you how good it is, because I haven't actually used it yet, but it's been used on me and it seems to make my nails last okay. As a general rule, they get changed too often to really find out. 

And then we were feeling a bit adventurous. We went for some colour. 

We stayed with Barry M, mainly because they had the colours I wanted, in the "Gelly" range. Again, I can't really comment on what it's like, because I'm not trusted to do my own nails, but I can say that it looks pretty good. 

I actually wanted a dark green, possibly a bit metallic, but we couldn't find a dark green, metallic or not, so we went with "Key Lime". It's the color of Mike in Monsters Inc. And dark green or not, it's a bit different to the other colours that I've got, and that's kind of what I wanted. And it will be a good seasonal colour come spring, espesially as I'm not big on wearing pale colours on my nails.


"Mango" (which is bright orange- although even with my appalling photography you can see it's bright orange) was brought purely with Halloween in mind. (The Halloween Nails are under #7. I'm thinking about having a jiggle around and saving the Halloween nails until next Halloween. Because at this rate, it's going to be January before we get to them.) It could just as well of been called "Pumpkin".

Now, the plan was to use the points on my 'Boots Advantage Card' to pay for the nail polish, but they have one of those barrier systems where you line up in a concertina before getting to the tills. And we just didn't think we could cope with that, a wheelchair, and those cardboard chocolate stands. So Dad went to buy the nail polishes and Mom took me to wait outside. Have you spotted the dilemma yet? Yup, guess who had the Boots card. Oops. 

And then here is a great example of "Great Minds Think Alike". The family friend who painted my nails last time also decided that I needed some new nail polish. And brought me a treat. (People keep doing that. Everyone seems to feel the need to give me stuff now that I'm ill.) And she treated me very well, and brought me very nice nail polish. Nail polish so nice (and so posh) that it came in a gift box, with shiney letters on the top. 

I told you she got me some very nice stuff. It's been decided that they're being saved until Christmas. Or saved for Christmas at any rate. They're very sparkley. The set of three nail polishes came in a very nice (actually very handy) little zippered pink bag, and were wrapped up in paper inside (and I will admit, I found this very exciting.)

Apparently, these are this year's winter colors. I have been told the names of the colors, but I can't remember. Chemo brain. It does that to you. They're very nice though. 

And, my treat did not end there. She got freebies for buying stuff, and so not only did I get very nice nail polish, but I also got a very nice make up bag, a very nice blusher, and a very nice lip thingy. I'm not quite sure what it's called. 

So, how about that then. A 'Nice Nails' post were you've not had to look at my feet!

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