September 25, 2014

Laugh All

Fa-la-fal. (Fa) Laugh All. 

Get it? 

Yeah, I probably need help. But you still love me, don't you? (Maybe lets all not answer that one).

Felafel's are a really yummy lunch people. Plus (as I found out today) you can eat them whilst doing your homework (always a good point). 

If you have a picky (in eating methods) eater who doesn't like sandwiches, you can just pack the felafel's and veggies in separate containers (like I did). If you are a sandwich person, they are good in wraps and pitas with salad, veggies and (although its chickpeas and chickpeas) hummus. Pack some fruity chutney for a dip, or put it in the sandwich. If you cut up the felafel's, then you can even put it in a sandwich sandwich (a good quality crust bread roll would be good.) 

See people; there's loads you can do with felafel's. It's such a good situation were all laughing. 

I had my felafel's with a wrap, cucumber coins (I tried to do some sort of wavy peeling thing but it didn't work. Another time perhaps.) an Alpro cherry yogurt and an Innocent fruit tube (more on that another day.) 

One thing to mention about packing felafel's in your lunch box is that you need to make sure that they aren't dry, especially if you aren't packing them in a sandwich. Also, if you usually have them warmed, bear in mind that felafel's which are perfectly fine when warmed in the oven can be dry when cold. And dry felafel's ain't much fun!

Just in case you're interested, I'm listening to Taylor Swift's new single. It makes me want to do some sort of sat down dance when typing. 

One of the good things about felafel's is that it doesn't matter if you are a make it all ya'self type of person, or a toss it in the supermarket trolley type of person. There easy to make yourself, and can often be found in stores. 

So, shall we mark it? (I'm back at college, so know we call it marking.) I'm going for a gold star people. 

1. TIME This one was a quickie. As long as you have the felafel's all ready to go (and you can store them in the freezer) it takes less than five minutes. The longest thing was cutting up the cucumber. Yes, I could of spent more time making everything more pretty, but... If you want a quick fix lunch, this one fits. One star to me (happy face). 

3. RECORDING I ate this lunch today. Nuff said. Two stars. 

4. BALANCE I thought that getting everything in (mainly getting the calcium and protein) could prove a challenge everyday, but I've done it today. So that puts me on three stars.

5. BOXABILITY Um... you may have noticed that its not in a box. So I'm going to loose a star for definite. I may even loose two. (Can I even loose two). I could have put it in a box... but the box was in the wash. The only reason I'm still marking it as a bento is that it would go SO WELL as a bento. Really, this would translate really really really well to bentohood. 

7. CUTENESS This is lacking cuteness. Spectacularly. There is no cuteness factor what. so. ever. The only thing I could have done to make it less cute is to have left the cucumber as one. big. chunk. I did try to do something fancy with the cucumber but as mentioned above, it was not to be. So... Down another star. 

9. EATING I think I could have made this one a bit of a more fun eating experience. 

Side note: Dad doesn't seem to like the Taylor Swift song.

9. EATING (CONT.) I should have gone with a full mezze theme. All middle eastern type flavours. Some salad-y things. I quite enjoyed my lunch, so I'm not going to dock a star. But on felafel bento mark II (and there is going to be one) (although I have already done a felafel wrap, so it will actually I guess be felafel bento mark III) (I might wait until I have one of these. I think it would work so well.) I am so going to up my game. 

That is... by my calculations... 0 stars (because if it's not in a box... its not a bento... so i docked two stars). That is... not such a good score. It deserves more than no stars. That darned not being in a box thing. So near... yet so far....

How's everyone else's MoFo going? Hopefully better than mine. Only 5 days left! (And I've still got 6  more to go!) Wish me luck (really, please, I'll need it!) 

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