September 06, 2014

Happy Bloggiversary

Happy Bloggiversary to you,
Happy Bloggiversary to you, 
Happy Bloggiversary dear Ana's Rocket Ship,
Happy Bloggiversary to you. 

That's what you all should be singing right now. Except that I'll forgive you if you don't. For one thing, it's a bit of a mouthful. For another, you'd look a bit silly if you started singing to your computer/laptop/tablet/phone whatever. People might start staring. 

A year ago today, I posted my first post. About soap. Please don't go look at that link! I like to think that I've come on at least slightly from that post. A debatable fact but we live in hope! 

I have a whole load of stuff to celebrate my bloggiversary, but first, cake:

Okay, so it's not a real cake, but I didn't want to eat real cake, so I didn't make any. 

Right, so, I have a lot of surprises for you.

 Most of them are a (probably failing) attempt to make me feel like a 'real' blogger. 

First, the blog has an Instagram account. I need to add a link to it from this blog, but until I can work out how to do that, you will have to come find me manually. My user name is "A_R_S_15". Apparently Ana's Rocket Ship and most other variations of it is taken. I wanna know who by. But please come and find me, and maybe follow me. I'm lonely over there. 

Also, the blog now has a Facebook account. Same applies, I'll work out how to put the link on here, and then I'll, well do that. Until then, I'm on there somewhere under "Ana's Rocket Ship Blog." Please come and like me. One just looks pathetic. Like, really pathetic. So, PLEASE. 

As you may have realised, I ain't good at this being organized for your bloggiversary thing. Bear with me. I've also published/am publishing an "About Me". It's not finished. I'm sorry. But I'm going to publish it, and add the rest of the pictures later. Sorry. So, you can read all about me. 

Yeah, I feel like such a real blogger. Such a real blogger, that I am so behind. But I've started back at college. I have homework people!

And basically, the biggest thing that I wanna say is thank you. My all time page view count is 1,170. I appreciate that most of those page views were accidental, but thanks all the same. 

Now, time to go off and enjoy my bloggiversary. And find something celebratory to do other than eat cake.