September 18, 2014

Breakfast for Lunch

I started off MoFo for such great plans...

I was going to post EVERY DAY. 

I had half posts all ready to be finished and posted. 

And then I basically got the flu. 

And started college. 

And it just ain't happening. 

I can GUARANTEE that I will have the required 20 posts all published BEFORE the required September 30th. 12 down, 8 to go. You never know, I may ever surpass the 20 required. 

They won't be brilliant, but I CAN DO THIS. 

However, due to restraints placed upon me as stated above, my packed lunches have been less than stellar. I mean, when you've got 5 minutes to eat breakfast AND get dressed AND make your lunch AND get your bag ready, that lunch isn't going to be all that good, to be honest. 

It's also not going to be that good if you have been sat at the kitchen table for 30 minutes wondering what you are going to have for lunch. If you're brain switches off, it can be real hard to switch it back on again. Trust me. 

My Dad was just reading over my shoulder. Is it the new laptop or is he interested in the content of my blog?

Oh yeah, by the way, I've got a new laptop. To add to all the other problems, all my pictures are on my old laptop. 

So, what did I have for lunch today? 

Breakfast cereal. It's hardly an inspiring idea for you. But that's what I had. 

Do with it what you will. 

If you're looking for an idea that you can take great places, go with cereal. You can't get any more simple. 

If you are looking for the quickest lunch prep ever, go with cereal. The longest bit of the process is finding the right container. 

Mines a Sistema. Anything leak proof will do. But that's leak proof with a capital L. But unless you want soggy cereal, you will either need two containers, or a fancy split container. 

Need variation on the theme, to make it slightly more post worthy? Well, if you are looking for themes on the variation of taking breakfast cereal in your packed lunch, here are a few:
  • Simple, mix up the cereal. Go to the store, choose something new. Or just alternate the cereal you buy. Otherwise theres a possibility that it might get boring. 
  • Mix up the milk, almond, soy, oat, coconut, hazelnut.
  • Go granola. Homemade or store-bought.
  • Go fancy granola; make a parfait. Layer yogurt, fruit and granola in any way that you want. 
  • Muesli and yogurt. 
  • We've already talked about porridge
  • Make the milk more interesting. Make a sort of very thin smoothie from some berries and your favorite milk and use that. (Cherry milk and chocolate cereal anybody). 
  • Forget the milk, just have cereal. 
  • The cereal necklace? (You know, with Cheerio style cereal?)
  • Add stuff. Fruit, dried fruit, vegan marshmallows (if you are craving that marshmallowy cereal), crushed up cookies (if you are craving that cookie ish cereal), peanut butter blobs. 
  • Heat the milk, carry it it a flask, have warm milk and cereal.
  • Chocolate or peanut butter milk. 
So it's not some sort of vegan caviar, its kind of some happy marriage between comfort food and easy to do food (really easy to do food). 

But it's comforting. If you have had a bad morning, eat cereal for lunch, and you're day can have a new start. 

And all your blog posts will magically get published.

Okay, I have tried REALLY hard to add the pictures to this post, but they won't load onto my computer. The next chance I have, I'll come back and add them, but until then, can you use you're imagination please?

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