September 03, 2014

The Lazy Leftover Lunch

Before we start, just a very quick question. How do you say it? Is it pad-tie, or pad-thigh? I don't know, and  so I hope to be inundated by comments telling me. Please. I am embarrassed that I don't know!

Sometimes, you don't want to make packed lunches. Those are the days Dad doesn't do it the night before and so has to get up early, putting him in a bad mood the rest of the day. Those are the days that I don't have time in the morning, and all I pack is an apple for lunch. Those are the days that we have my friends personal favorite, the pear/piece of bread/3 Brazil nut combo. Those are the days that we pick up a packet of breakfast biscuits as we head out the door.

Those are the days when you spend a long time and a lot of energy making tea, and don't want to look at the chopping board again (I love you really choppy). Those are the days when you can't bear to add to the washing up mountain. Those are the days when, quite frankly, the television is calling you. Those are the days when you have after school stuff and don't have time to do your homework, make tea and make lunch.


So, those are the days when you do the lazy leftover lunch.
  • One set of washing up. 
  • A lot more interesting than what you will get if you are stuck thinking "what else can I put between two pieces of bread?"
  • Does not take any more time
  • A good way to use up those leftover that don't freeze all that well! (I'm looking at you pad tie/thigh)
  • Nothing to do in the morning (Hello snooze button)
  • You don't have to worry because your brother has munched up all the bread and you've none left and it is 6:45 and you are stood in your pyjamas and you have to be in college an hour early and the shops won't be open yet, never mind the time to go there. 
  • You don't look like one of those people who gave up and bought a sandwich in Tesco's on the way. They have a rubbish selection of no meat no fish no mayo no 6 inch slice of cheese sandwiches anyway. 
  • You don't have to remember to take dinner money because you didn't do a packed lunch.
  • If it's your favorite tea, it can be a nice treat
  • No crusts to be left in the lunchbox
  • We all deserve a lazy day once in a while!
See, there are so many reasons why the lazy leftover lunch is better than anything you can create in thirty seconds when you're bleary eyed on the mornings you've slept in by accident. Or the mornings when you got mascara all around your eyes by accident and it takes you 5 times longer to do your make up then it should of done. 


I'm waffling, aren't I. Sorry. It doesn't matter, you know have longer to read this post because of the Lazy Leftover Lunch. 

There are some things to consider when packing leftovers for lunch. 
  • How messy is it. Consider this especially if you are packing for a youngster or just if you are a messy eater. But most children seem to make a mess eating at the best of times. Spaghetti bolognaise is out. If you really want to pack spag bol, try pasta bol instead. 
  • You might want to stay clear of really garlicky foods. It depends what kind of setting you are going to be in, but just saying. 
  • If packing something like noodles, cut them up into 1-3 inch pieces first. I learnt this today. It just makes them easier to eat. 
  • Not everything will taste good cold. Have an open mind, but there are somethings that JUST WONT WORK. If you are taking things to work and have access to a microwave, ignore this one. 
  • Make sure that the container that you are packing leftovers in has a REALLY GOOD SEAL. 
  • If there were side dishes that went with dinner, are you going to pack some of those too?
  • You might not eat the same amount for lunch as tea. You probably won't need to pack as much; or, if you usually have a big lunch and have a rushed tea inbetween dancing and the gym, you might want to pack more for lunch. 
  • Do components of the meal need to be kept separate, or can they be mixed together (i.e. pasta and sauce).
  • Make sure everything is completely cool before packing.
  • Remember the cutlery. If you are used to packing sandwiches, this may not be ingrained in your routine. But no one wants to try to eat pad tie/thigh with their fingers. (Luckily, a point I didn't learn from experience.)
  • If you don't like big lumps of cold tofu, do not pack pad tie/thigh. Or cut up the tofu smaller. Or remember to press the tofu. A number of lessons I did learn from experience. 
The golden rule is that if you licked it as dinner, you will probably like it as lunch. (Unless you've entered the terrible twos) You may need to give a bit more thought to how you are going to pack it, but you only need to cook once. 

And really, who wants to add to Mont Washing Up?


  1. Pad tie!! :)
    Love the theme, and pad thai is lovely as a leftover! I went through a phase where I was making it at least once a week just because it's so good for leftovers!
    -Caitlin from The Vegan Word

  2. Thanks. I'd never had it before, but I think I may be making it more often too- just with smaller chunks of tofu.