September 27, 2014

Innocent Kids Fruit Tubes

Edit: Innocent have contacted me to say that there "is an incredibly small chance that there is a tiny trace of Shellac in our products" . I'm really sorry if this has caused any problems, I had been informed that these were vegan products, and had checked the ingredients, and so I thought I had taken all necessary precautions. I obviously hadn't- sorry MoFo'ers.

[Okay, this is not an excuse (well, I guess it is a bit), but I haven't been able to get quite a few of the pictures I was using for Vegan MoFo posts off my old laptop. I haven't even been able to log onto my old laptop. So... Vegan MoFo has become even more of a fail from me. So... this post is missing some pictures. Also, I just filled out as much as I can on my UCAS application (That actually isn't a lot) and so my brain has turned to brain juice. Just to warn you.]

When I was a kid, I really wanted those yogurt tubes in my lunchbox. They were, however, a verily rare occasion, as my parents thought that they were a waste of money. If you are a vegan kid; they are pretty much guaranteed to be an even rarer occurrence. 

Mainly because I haven't seen any vegan yogurt tubes. Vegan yogurt companies (or anyone who wants to form one), will you PLEASE get your game on with that? 

And I know that a lot of people don't like Innocent, but these fruit tubes are the best substitution for yogurt tubes that I have found. Ethical decisions are something that I will leave up to you. Personally, I don't mind. 

For a start, if your kid wants to blend in, then the tubes themselves work in exactly the same way as those yogurt tubes. Same shape and size, same rip top opening... I mean, because the contents go straight from tube to mouth, how would you even know that it's fruit and not yogurt? Unless they read the packaging, but still, it's a squeeze-y tube, right? 


They come in two varieties; Strawberries and Raspberries and Mangoes and Pineapples. Now, I am going to admit right here and now, that I've never had a Mangoes and Pineapples one. I don't like mango. So there is not much point me reviewing one, I am EXTREMELY unlikely to actually have much good to say about the taste. However, unless you too are dealing with an extreme aversion to mango, I'm sure they are lovely. I think even my brother liked them and he is hard to please. 

I love the Strawberries and Raspberries one. I like squeezing them from the tube straight into my mouth, I've also squeezed them out onto porridge and enjoyed them that way. They taste yummy, and fruity. They are relatively thin- perfect for from tube slurping. 

Mom's looking for a bread bin. May I go hide please? (We lost the cracker box we used to use) I have a feeling this is going to be a very big decision- almost as big as what colour to paint the living room. It may take years. 

They are 40g. That's half a portion of fruit, or a child's portion. Yeah, that's not like, half of your five a day, but they are a start, and a nice little vitamin kick if you that's the only fruit you will eat. There is no added anything- just fruit, so you're not putting anything bad into your kid, just fruit. 

I like the packaging. Simple, yet fun, bright and colourful, and interesting. They come in a cardboard box containing six tubes. I know that as of yet, there isn't a way to make recyclable tubes, but I like the fact that at least some of the packaging isn't going to end up in landfill. 

They are a bit expensive. (Isn't everything). £2 for 6, about twice the price of those little yogurt tubes. A nice (and convenient) treat though. Maybe for the throw away packed lunch required for school trips? I got mine on half price- they are usually on offer around back to school time. Yeah, a banana is cheaper, but a banana doesn't come in a tube. 

They are also currently running a promotion- you get 3 alphabet magnets in every pack, and if you have six bar codes they will send you 3 names in magnets. Yeah, you need to buy six packs, but I'm a sucker for promotions. (Also, I'm pretty sure they apply to all Innocent kids products, not just the fruit tubes). 

Yes, I buy them. No, not all the time. They are fun, to be honest, possibly more a bit of a gimmick. Yes, if you want something to put in a kids lunchbox, I would definitely recommend them. Not every day, cause kids do need to know what fruit ACTUALLY looks like, but they are a good lunchbox item for younger kids. And a nice treat for me. 

Plus, I like the magnets. 

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