September 29, 2014

Treat Time

Sometimes everybody needs a treat. Fact. Espessially fact if you are a kid and everyone else has those blue wrapped rice cereal ones. 

Also espesially fact if you are an 18 year old and you want one- but for hopefully slightly obvious reasons you can't have one of those blue wrapped ones. They are two expensive any way. 

A while ago I got a packet of Freedom Mallows from Holland and Barrett's on a mostly a whim. And also mostly Mom's existance. All I wanted was cashews- and out I came with sweets. And cashews. The trouble is- these marshmallows? Definitely needed to be saved for a special occasion. Definitely needed to be saved for a treat. (Much to my mother's annoyance).

So- if these mallows are all they are made out to be- they should make some treats- yeah? So it's great- girl decided to make a vegan version of Rice Crispy Treats

Then she realises that we do not have any crispy rice cereal- vegan or no. 

[Enter swear word of choice.]

So what cereal do we have? My brother's Frosted Flakes- not to be touched under peril. (Unless you are really quick so that he doesn't know.) Bran flakes? Not quite the 'treat' atmosphere I was looking for. Chocolate alphabet cereal? Well- that would make it a purple wrapped treat not a blue wrapped one- but the alphabet theme ties in with back to school, right? 

Yeah, well. Why not?

Now is NOT the time to give me a list of all the reasons why not.

Um... I'm not going to give you a recipe here, mainly because I used the one from the Kellogg's website. (I switched the butter for margarine, marshmallows for Freedom Mallow's and crisped rice cereal for BEAR's Alphabites. I also scaled it down. A lot. So to be honest, the ingredients were changed quite a bit, but the process remains the same.

They turned out like this:

Okay, they taste better than they look- my phones broken so I'm using my less than stellar camera in bad light. 

If you put a Treat in your lunch, it's up to you if you go full out treat mode and fill your box with all sorts of other treats, or you can go damage limitation mode and fill the rest of your box with healthy stuff.

I try not to be a dictator, I leave the future of your lunch to you. 

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