September 29, 2014

Fingers Bento

If you can't see, that's an Alpro blueberry yogurt, apple crisps, mini breadsticks, cucumber fingers and 2 fish less fingers. 

I thought that putting fish less fingers in my lunchbox would be a good idea- but this is a post about what's not a good idea to put in your lunchbox- not what is. They went chewy and horrible.

I used Making Waves Fish style fingers (website currently undergoing maintenance so I can't like) by Vbites. They are nice hot- just don't put them in your lunchbox. I took some dipping sauce to go with them, but I still didn't eat them. My Dad was jubilant that I didn't like him. He told me so. 

I know that some people have very strong feelings against eating "fake meat". I'm sorry if I've offended you- but I don't mind. Mostly. That vegan turkey shaped thing I saw last year freaked me out. And I wish they were called something else fingers, not fish style fingers. But they're not, and I have to live with it. Cause they go better with chips and baked beans that grilled zucchini. 

But I tried to go with a fingers theme for this lunch. Fish style fingers, bread stick finger, cucumber fingers. 

Also, don't put wet cucumber in a box with apple crisps. You end up with not crisp apple crisps. As well as soggy breadsticks. 

To be honest- this lunch was just a bit of a fail.

Never mind- this is a lesson in what does not work. It's called learning from your mistakes (and boy have I learnt from mine today). 

Marking then? (I'm not hopeful)

1. TIME This was actually quite quick to put together (if you discount the cooking of the fish style fingers). So one star (cause I'm going to need it!)

3. RECORDING I'm recording this the day that I ate it, so two stars.

7. CUTENESS There is non. Loss a star Ana

9. EATING It was rubbish. Things that shouldn't of been soggy were, and cold fish style fingers were horrid. I didn't really enjoy eating it- I only had a few bites of the fish style fingers. Loss another star. 

Which puts me on zero stars. Told you I wasn't expecting great things. 


  1. Hi Ana! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here:

  2. Oh no!! I'm sorry the fish fingers didn't work out, yuck!