September 02, 2014

The Quintessential

I'm not going to talk much about today's lunch.

Because I thought to start with I'd go back to basics. 

Way, way way back to basics. 

And you will all be able to guess what it is. 

It needs some of this:

And some of this:

And Some of this:

(And it must be BROWN not white)

And I'll chop up one of these:

And add one of these:

And maybe one of these:

(Purely to add some calcium)

And there you have it. Think of a vegan lunch (or even a veggie one) and you end up with this:

It was inevitable people. It had to happen. There was no getting around it. This lunch, it's the quintessential. I just thought that I'd try and get it out of the way the first (second) day. 

However, even the quintessential can have variations. 

  • Toast it
  • Use real fruit not jam/jelly (and there are more than just bananas out there!)
  •  Choose another type of nut butter. In the UK Meridian do almond, cashew and hazelnut. 
  • Use a seed butter. Tahini is widely available, and Meridian also do pumpkin and sunflower seed. Pumpkin seed butter is GREEN. 
  • Do you like your butter crunchy or smooth? Salted or unsalted?
  • What about a chocolate nut butter?
  • You could make your own nut butter to create your own bespoke flavours. You could even add your fruit right in there. 
  • If you can get your hands on some vegan marshmallow spread - Fluffernutter people!
  • Crackers, pittas, bagels, pancakes, bread buns, roll it up in a wrap, the sandwich thin, waffles, digestives/grahams crackers, rye crackers, rye bread. The possibility's are endless. Just don't use white bread. 
  • Add crisps. (Some people say this works. I ain't trying it.)
  • Mix the jam/jelly right there into the butter, and spread it on as one spread. 
  • Spread the nut butter on one half of both peices of bread, and the jam/jelly on the other. A half and half sandwich not a two in one. 
  • Go savory. Use chutney. 
Or, you could just type 'peanut butter and jelly ideas' into a search engine, and get far better ideas than mine.

Just cause it's the quintessential doesn't mean it has to be boring. (imagine me saying that in a cross lady waggy-finger type voice.)

So, are we gonna get our game on with our peanut butter and jelly combinations? Cause we need to let the world know that veggies are NOT boring.

Not even frozen peas.

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