August 31, 2014

The Flower Power of 2014

I am rushing this one. Really rushing this one. I am going for the world record in how quickly anybody has ever written a blog post. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am busy trying to prepare for the next month. 

So, I'm trying for under 20 minutes. (FYI, it normally takes me at least 2-3 hours). Be prepared for a pretty abysmal post. I apologize in advance. 

So, peanut butter sandwiches. And those sandwiches were not cut from sliced bread. I had to slice the bread myself (I will master that elusive even slice someday. Maybe in heaven. Long live sliced bread.) which left Dad in a not so happy state. Apparently, he likes his sandwiches to be the same thickness at one end as it is at the other. I can't imagine why. 

So peanut butter sandwiches, a sliced/broken up cheese string, to BEAR Yoyo lollipops (i.e. a Yoyo on a coctail stick) and a (I'll give you one guess) apple that has been sliced and had flower shapes cut out of it. 

So, to review. 

1. TIME I was pleasantly surprised, this bento took me a lot less time than I thought it would. One star to me. 

2. LEFTOVERS Leftovers was a bit of a fail. I had the apple and bread scraps in a box all ready to put out for the birds in the morning. But then it poured down. So they got put in the compost bin. So, fail. No stars. 

3. RECORDING Despite the fact I feel rubbish (like really rubbish) AND I am concentrating on Vegan MoFo and so am speed writing this post, I am recording this. On Sunday. Which is good because otherwise it probably wouldn't of happened until October. So I will have that star back thank you very much. 

7. CUTENESS Come on. Just look at it. It's cute. It's all flowery! I doth believe that this is the cutest bento that I've had in a while. If I could award myself two stars I would.  As it is, I can't and so I'll just add one. 

There isn't much else of note, and as I'm doing this as quickly as possible, I'll not expand on those points. 

So that's two stars to me, and now I'm going to have a nap before getting back to MoFo stuff. All will be explained tomorrow. 

If scheduled blog posts work that is. If not, I'm going to have one of those headaches you get  from trying to sort out technological problems. 

And that is all over and done with in about 25 minutes. Not bad. See ya. 


  1. I'll give you two stars for cuteness! I'm pretty sure that cuteness is more important than all else and is certainly weighted higher than any other criteria. ☆☆

  2. Definitely. I like your thinking! And thanks a lot!