August 21, 2014

Two in a Week

Right peoples, like last week, there are two bento's here for you today. Unlike last week, this is because I ate two bento's last week, not just because I'm really behind in blogging about them. I'm just behind. 

Yeah, I know, small difference. 

And, as a side note, I am working really hard on blog things, I'm just not ready to post them yet. It's not that I'm neglecting you, honest!

Most weeks, at the moment, I only eat one packed lunch a week. This means only one bento a week. This week fate dictated I had a packed lunch twice. Just to warn you guys, I'm starting college soon, and so I'll be having a packed lunch 4-5 times a week. Although they won't all be bento. So, expect an avalanche of bento people. Just warning ya. 

The first one isn't like any of the bento's that I've posted so far. It's a bento salad. I know, such things exist! (Well, actually, I don't know if they did before, but they do now!)

Spinach leaves and balsamic vinegar in the lower level; a rolled up tortilla wrap, a babybel cheese, some cashews, crispy onions, dried cranberries, and dried apple on the top level. In other words, salad and all the fixings! 

Salad is not the easiest thing to eat on a train in a wheelchair. Just to let you know guys. It is especially not the easiest thing when that salad comes in a box with two layers. Not the easiest thing but just about manageable. 

So... You know the drill by now. Or if you don't, check here.... 

3. RECORDING Was pretty rubbish for this one. Over a week ago guys. We'll loose a star and move on. 

5. BOXABILITY This is the first time that I have not used my shallow pink square. It wasn't a disaster. It worked. It worked fairly well. The babybel fitted SO nicely into the section where you are supposed to put your dressing pot. It was if they invented it with a babybel in mind! So, we will gain a star (lets go for red today) if you can call ending up on zero gaining a star. 

7. CUTENESS Although it's not cute like experienced bento-ers boxes are, I am quite impressed with that babybel star. It was hard. No, I mean that it was really hard. But I did it eventually. So, it may not be perfectly executed or perfectly cute, but I did something new and I didn't give up (and trust me I wanted to!). So one extra star. 

8. PLANNING Okay, so I didn't plan this bento, but I didn't know that I would need to plan this bento, so we're okay. Well stay with one stars. It wasn't my fault it wasn't planned. 

9. EATING I ate most of it. I ate all the salad and fixings, and about half of the cheese and tortilla strips. I was going to finish these on the way home, but I felt a bit sick, so I didn't. But it was probable the right amount of food, maybe a bit much. It wasn't a great success, but it wasn't a complete failure. And I quite enjoyed having a salad, I hadn't had a salad like that in a while and I liked it. And so we'll add an extra star. 

Which means roll up, roll up, there's two stars in the tent tonight. 

This is more like the other bentos. A chopped up apple, cucumber crescent 'moons', and a falafal, cream cheese and pickle wrap. Decorated with stars cut out of Quorn(TM) pepperoni. Moons and stars- getting the theme here guys? The little pink pot has tahini in it (for dipping apples). 

Mom is vacuuming. Shes got the wires tied up in a knot. It's a very good knot. Any Boy Scout would be proud. 

So.... Back to bentos. 

Let's critique it shall we? 

What we really need at this point is Paul and Mary. 

2. LEFTOVERS Why is it only after you've thrown them away dose it occur to you what you SHOULD of done with the middles of the cucumber that you removed with the melon baller. You should of chopped them up and mixed it in with the cream cheese to make a kind of tzatziki to spread on your wrap. Like I said, this only occurred to be AFTERWARDS. So I loose a star. Before I even have any. I'll try harder next time sir. 

3. RECORDING How can I be on minus two already?

4. BALANCE I only used half a portion of cream cheese on the wrap, so I added the tahini to give it a bit more calcium. (Yes, tahini is a okay source of calcium). That was good planning to make sure that I had the right balance. My debt has decreased. 

7. CUTENESS Moons and stars people. Moons and stars. We're getting better. I'll give myself a star for improvement. 

Um... nothing else of note, and so that means that bento didn't get any stars (but I tried soooo hard. Ooops. Well, Look Wider is supposed to be a challenge.) 

So for too bentos, I've ended up with two stars. Which is a star a bento. It could be worse; but I really need to up my game next (this) week.

Any tips on how to do this?

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