August 12, 2014

Absolutely Cream Crackered

I haven't been on here in a long time. It's not entirely my fault. I've been away for a week in Birmingham, and I've been away for a week in Scotland. And the weekends? I've been absolutely cream crackered. I've had several pyjama days. Do I want to blog? To be honest - I don't wanna do anything. So if you think that I had disappeared of the blogoshere, then you would be right. If you're worried about this week, worry less. I'm busy (like seriously, seriously, seriously busy) but I'm at home. I have access to my laptop. It's all good. 

:D Happy face. 

Did you know that cream crackers contain no cream AT ALL? They are, in fact, completely vegan? (Well, the Sainbury's ones are at any rate). 

Right, now, before we move onto the bento update, I need to go make tea!

Okay, so I have made tea, ate tea, and made and froze tea for three more separate occasions, and I am now absolutely cream crackered again. I'll restart again tomorrow!!!


Okay, so I'm back again. (Yeah, I know you're all thrilled!)

Okay so we got:
  • Chickpea salad in a silicone cup
  • Cream crackers
  • Nori cut out 'A'
  • Sliced cheese string
  • Green grapes

And this is how it looks when it's all packed up (I'm still working on the lunch bag situation).

And how does it stack up? Well, I'm sure that it will stack up pretty much the same as all the others.

2. LEFTOVERS Well, I snacked on the cut off bits of nori as I made the lunchbox, and so I may not have done anything creative with the leftovers, but nothing got put in the bin!! So one star to me please!!

3. RECORDING I ate this bento in July. Nuff said. No stars. 

4. BALANCE Calcium in the cheese string, complex carbohydrate in the crackers, a fruit point in the grapes, and a veggies point in the chickpea salad, and protein in the chickpeas. Yeah one star (again).

5. BOXABILITY I think that everything fits real nicely in this box, I'm quite proud of it in that respect. So, two star. 

6. PACKAGING Only the cheese string was individually packaged (and they only come like that). That, my dear readers, is an improvement, and so three star. AND that plastic sandwich bag that I'm using to keep everything together? Yeah, I've been reusing that for weeks now. (It doesn't come into contact with food- don't worry. It's just holds everything together.)

8. PLANNING I had planned this bento the weekend before I ate it. That's 7 days people. The chickpea salad was made (and some already eaten) so I just had to put it in. The cheese strings had been brought (I got the idea here). Id made sure that NO ONE had eaten the GREEN grapes (don't like the red ones) and I'd brought the cream crackers (much to my mothers despair). One more star. 

9. EATING I ate it all. I think that this is the first time that I've eaten in ALL. Okay, I didn't eat it all at lunch and ate about 1/4 of it when I came back for afternoon snack, but I ate ALL of it. Another star. 

That's five stars. That's a lotta stars people!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!! 

Right. Now before we get to the depressing-ness of the next bento, lets look at some balsamic vinegar. Enthralling I know. 

While I was at a week of intensive physio in Birmingham, my Mommy brought me some balsamic vinegar. 

She brought me a packet of five little tubs of balsamic vinegar. For my bento project. (well, that blows the packaging thing out of the window). So, coming up, something that requires balsamic vinegar. 

Are you excited? 

I am, I think that picture turned out really well. 

This one not so much. 

That's a cut up apple, two halves of a cheeses string (hiding top right hand corner), celery (that's the green stuff) broken up cream crackers, chopped up Quorn(TM) pepperoni and the most part of a Nakd bar. It was the Berry Delight one. That's the red-brown things which are just kind of everywhere. Or anywhere there was room. 

3. RECORDING Yeah. This one is not quite as late as the other one, but it still doesn't meet my target for how long I have to blog about them. I now have a negative number of stars (it's not good.)

4. BALANCE It meets the requirements. And my box today doesn't have many redeeming features, so we wont add a star, but we will go back into neutral. 

5. BOXABILITY Now, I know that there is no spare space in this box, but, it's just to cramped. I don't like it. Minus one star. (Again. Really need to get out of these negative stars.)

6. PACKAGING Okay, it gets worse. The cheese string comes in an individual package. The Nakd bar comes in an individual package. The apple came cut up in an individual package. We spiraling down and down on this slippery slope guys! 

7. CUTENESS There is no cuteness here. There just isn't. And we can't even stay neutral cause it's so crowded!

8. PLANNING Due to the fact I was away all week, I didn't plan this one. I just kind of hunted around to see what I could find. Not totally my fault, but no redemption. I couldn't control what we had in the fridge when I wasn't home. And so we'll stay on minus 3 stars (when can I start crying?)

9. EATING Didn't quite finish this one. I was going to finish what was left of it when I got home, but then I wasn't very well that afternoon and so it didn't happen. But like above, wasn't entirely my fault, and so we'll stay on minus 3. (You've got to let me start crying now)

Today is not a good day. 

But it's okay. I may have minus three, but I also have five. So that makes two. 

Two's okay, right? 

Has anyone got any good ideas for how to improve my stars? 


  1. Great lunch box ideas. Will show them to my daughters.

    1. Aw... Thanks. I hope you find some of the stuff on here useful!