August 24, 2014

Speak Swedish?

I have been to IKEA. 

I have actually been and walked around IKEA. Okay, I did get pushed around for quite a bit of it, but I went to IKEA. Lets not pick at straws here people! 

That's one more thing ticked off my New Years Bucket List

I have been to IKEA. 

I have been to IKEA. 

And okay, I'll stop saying it now. There, happy now? 

(I have been to IKEA)

Like my haul? So- I spent not a lot of money buying a lot of stuff. I'm happy. 

I also bought a table, a wardrobe organiser that doesn't fit in my wardrobe (anybody need a wardrobe organiser?) and some dedicates washing bags. 

I did not buy a chair or the kiddie plastic plates. AKA to things out of the three things I 'need'/want. The IKEA lady helpfully told us that the plates would be back in tomorrow. But I'm not here tomorrow, I'm here today. And the chair has been discontinued. (IKEA need to do more office chairs without wheels, BTW). 

Sad face. 


Do you like the flamingos?

Happy face.


And I got elk pasta!!!! (Which my friend is now probably very tired of hearing about.) But look, it's shaped like Elk's!!!

And what better to inspire a bento then a trip to IKEA?

Look, elk pasta!!! (Sorry Miss H, I'll shut up about it now!) Plus homemade veggie meatballs (yes, I know thats an oxymoron), an apple, a peach yogurt with bits of chopped up Nakd bar in it and a lingonberry juice box. I was going with 'simple but good'. Not sure if I achieved this, but hey ho. 

1. TIME It took very little extra time to do this one. I had pasta and meatballs (and tomato sauce) the night before, so I just had to boil a bit more pasta, and keep some more meatballs from the freezer. All I had to do was cut up the apple and add the Nakd bar to the yogurt. One green star to me. 

3. RECORDING Guys, I'm recording this one on time. For the first time in like, a month. Are we impressed. Two stars!

5. BOXABILLITY Okay. It's not completely in one box. But it's only a small box (it's marketed as being a box to hold a sandwich) and I haven't yet worked out how to stop my yogurt covering everything else. But we'll go with minus a star. 

7. PACKAGING Okay that is a juice box (and not my reusable one) and the yogurt came in it's own pot, and the Nakd bar came individually wrapped, but I CUT UP THE APPLE MYSELF. For the FIRST TIME. So, for that improvement, I'm giving myself another star. It's not the perfection, it's the trying hard. (Yeah, I'll keep telling myself that.)

8. PLANNING I had this one planned ever since... um... actually I can't actually remember. But I had it planned for a while anyway. So I'm on three stars. 

9. EATING The passenger transport came early, so I didn't have time to finish it. So we'll stay neutral on this one. I quite liked having the cold pasta though. And the yogurt. (And by now you've probably guessed I liked the apple) Both of  these will have to be repeated. And the lingonberry juice? It was kinda like a fruitier cranberry juice. If only they had it in Sainsburys...

So that's three stars. 

Now, trying to understand what I actually brought in IKEA. So...

Är det någon som talar svenska?
(P.S. If that's a bad translation- blame Google!)


  1. Those bowls/forks/spoons/knives are my absolute FAVE for my kiddos! And so inexpensive! Can't beat 'em!

    1. I know. I've had several sets to. And I assume you don't have to worry about which character is currently in vogue like with most kids plates?