December 22, 2014

Winter Wonderland

You know, to be honest, the name has not much to do with bento itself- but more to do with the event I ate this Bento at. The Rainbow's Frozen Winter Wonderland event. Oh boy, that was fun. However, many leader's have since complained that they can't get the song Let It Go out their heads. Really- I don't know what they're complaining about!

Okay- I knew 7 posts in one day was way too ambitious. So- I'm going to try and get all the bento posts finished off today. And the Christmas Chow Mein thrown in there if I can.

So- fingers crossed- yeah?

And I couldn't start early. I was meeting a friend. And it is official- I have received my first Christmas present!!!!!

Thanks dear friend!

So- to business.

Isn't it pretty? I'm proud of this one. I'm good. I'm amazing. I'm awesome! :P 

Felafel's, a Nakd Christmas Pudding bar (cause they're sooo good), some snow peas made into Christmas trees, a mini Babybel (do they actually even do non mini versions?), some mini tomatoes, and a cereal bar decorated to look like a snowman. Sorta. Kinda. Maybe. Use your imagination, 'kay?

I am soooo proud of this one. Hopefully- it will get a few stars. Cause the last one got none. :( 


1. TIME If it wasn't for the fact that I spent about 10 minutes trying to work out if it was possible to make the snowman, and more, well.... snowman-y. So- without the dithering, it would have taken about 5 minutes. With the dithering- about quarter of an hour. While I ate my breakfast. So I could have done it in five minutes. But I didn't. So I propose I stay were I am. 

2. LEFTOVERS I ate them. With my porridge. 

3. RECORDING Loose a star and MOVE ON

5. BOXABILITY I (finally) gain a star here. Its all in one box- about the right size for bento. There isn't any left over space so things couldn't rattle around. So- happy face. 

6. PACKAGING Lose that star. The Babybel, the Nakd Bar and the cereal bar all came individually wrapped. This one can be hard at times. :( 

7. CUTENESS Can I get two stars for cuteness? No? Oh well. I will just award myself one then. But look at it- it so deserves more! There are several 'cute' aspects in this lunch. Okay- I've seen cuter bento's - but this one is one of my best so far!

8. PLANNING I used the snow peas that I also used for the chow mien. I also used some of the tomatoes that I got for... bentos in general. I used the rest of the felafel's that I used in another bento. I bought the Babybel so that I could use them for bentos. So, all in all, mostly things that I had bought for bentos. Or things that I had used up from other dishes. So- planning right? And I planned to make the snowman a few days before. And I planned to make the Santa Babybel after I saw it here at cute food for kids. So- one more star. 

So that ends on one star. It was a pretty good bento. Except that someone thought my Santa Claus belly was actually a pirate belly. Maybe I'll do a pirate bento one day then. 

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