December 21, 2014

Practice Christmas

The Christmas holidays have started. I have enough homework so that if I stacked it up- it would probably be about a foot. Which is fine. Except that I am not exaggerating. Trouble is- I also have a whole load of blog posts to do. 

I will count, one moment.

Okay, so I have:
  • 7 Christmas Bento's
  • 2 Christmas Oatmeal's
  • A Christmas Chow Mein
  • A 'In Other, Less Interesting News' 
to do. 

Before we get onto new years, and ignoring the fall bento and the tea shop review and a few more bentos and a polenta recipe and ...

Yeah- like I said. I need to get going. And as I stood there in my pyjamas faced with like, 20 blog posts to get done- my Mom said better to have them all done BEFORE Christmas even if they're not brilliant than to have them all done perfectly in February. 

Today's challenge: get all the bento's done. That means that by midnight today- I should have 7 more posts than I did by midnight yesterday. In all seriousness, I may not survive. So they are not going to be perfect. It may just be picture, description, marking. But hey, nobodies perfect. And I have Christmas songs to keep me company. Every things okay. 

So, without further ado, cause we really don't have time for any, here's my practise Christmas bento:

A Christmas Pud Nakd bar (they are SO GOOD- one of my favorite flavours), a mini Babybel, some mini corn, some stuffing and some Quorn roast chicken style pieces. 

You wanna know why the mini corn is in there? Cause I had this bento around Halloween. But I had stuffing, I had the chicken, I had the Nakd bar cause they'd just come out and Dad suggested that I try  one before Christmas so I wasn't disappointed at Christmas if I didn't like them. He used the same logic to get a packet of mince pies. Because never, in his fifty something years, had he had a mince pie. (I'm holding up a sarcastic sine, for those of you who hadn't already guessed). 

And I mean, I had all that. I might as well just go with the flow, chuck it all together, and add a Rudolph nose Babybel. And some mini corn. AND SOME PANDA BEAR BENTO PICKS CAUSE I HAD JUST GOT SOME AND OH MY HOW CUTE!!!! *so kawaii*. 

My friends grandchild had a brilliant idea a few years back. He decided that they needed to have a practise Christmas. Cause last year was a long time ago. They might have forgotten how to do it. Practise presents, practise Christmas dinner, practise crackers with stupid hats, practise the works. He is going to grow up to be a Boy Scout I'm sure. (cause he was definitely prepared once Christmas came around!). 

I don't need to have a fully blown practise Christmas, I know what I'm doing, but if he can have a practise Christmas, I can have a Christmas Bento. Cause that's just how it goes. We're going with the flow guys. 

And hey, when I had this Bento, I WAS ACTUALLY SITTING EATING MY LUNCH WITH SOMEONE. FOR THE FIRST TIME THAT YEAR (don't say it, I know it's sad.) It was also the first time I didn't eat my lunch in the math's study area. Little victories, people, little victories. 

So... Now to assess (cause I've got like, 6 more to go after this.)

1. TIME This one didn't take long. Like, 2 minutes maybe. While I was making breakfast. But it really isn't much as far as bento cuteness go's, so we'll keep it at neutral. (A bit like the gear- have I told you that I'm learning to drive yet?) (But I'm in an automatic, you know, without the gears)

2. LEFTOVERS There were no leftovers produced from this bento. But you know what? Because I used up leftovers, (the stuffing and the mini corn) I will give myself a star here. Cause either way, I still reduced food waste. 

3. RECORDING Well loose a star and move on

5. BOXABILITY Everything fits in nicely. I'm proud of it. I mean, everything I wanted in there fits in, and there isn't any spare space for stuff to rattle around in and get all messed up. That would be :( But as it is, it's :) . So I'll give myself a star. 

7. CUTENESS Okay, so the lunch itself isn't that cute, but the picks? Instant cuteness!!!! But the lunch... we'll stay neutral. 

8. PLANNING I did not plan this one at all. It was more of a case of 'lets go with the flow'. So let's loose one star. 

9. EATING I ate most of it, but more importantly, I ate it with somebody, a friend. So hey, lets totally get a star for that. Well done Ana. 

So that is. Lets see. That's one star. Now, I'm gonna learn a bit of Danish (cause why not) then I'm going to move onto the next one (cause why not). 

See ya in, like, half an hour. 

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