December 22, 2014

The One Where I Sat With Friends (Plural)

Which could also be called- at last! The end is in sight! 

Or, wow- it is really easy to get distracted on Casabento

Or any number of other titles. But it's not. It's called "The One Where I Sat with Friends", cause hey, guess what? I sat with friends. And note friendS. The 's' on there is very important. Because there was more than one of them. I know, I mean, MORE THAN ONE. I mean, it's not like I am a complete and utter social recluse or anything- it's just that I started in a different year, and you no... It felt like I was starting college again in a completely new school. Except I already knew my way around. And that I knew there would be a queue of teachers waiting for the photocopier in the Math study area. You know those American high school dramas? My life has been like that - but without the supernatural aspects. (Well...)

So, back to the main subject, which is that I SAT WITH FRIENDS TO EAT THIS LUNCH. Or was it that it is a Christmas bento and that I'm tired and that I need to post this before I go to bed?

Can't remember.

This is a satsuma orange (or was it an easy peeler) (or a mandarin) (or a clementine) (or are you really bothered?), some dates (cause we didn't have any suitable veggies), a stuffin' muffin (although it took a while get Dad to make it in the muffin cups), some Quorn slices curled up (in a desperate attempt to make it a tiny little bit cute) and a FROZEN YOGURT TUBE. You can't see it properly, but it's there. And it has Elsa on it. And yes, I only bought them cause they have Frozen characters on it. Cause I am just that awesome. (How about we play lets pretend for a bit right now?). And look, there's a little snowman flag and a snowman cupcake wrapper turned inside out so it looks more colourful!

3. RECORDING Your getting the idea, loose a star and move on.

6. PACKAGING We'll stay neutral- it only has one individually packaged item. And if I'd just put a spoon of  yogurt in there it would have made a mess. And it wouldn't of had Elsa on the front.

7. CUTENESS It's kinda cute. I used a lot of colourful, Christmas themed accessories. And an Elsa yogurt. I'll add a star.

8. PLANNING I made sure that we had the Quorn in. And I convinced Dad to make the stuffing in the muffin pan so it looked slightly better than this attempt. And I ate this bento two days on the row because we had all the stuff in so, ya know. 

9. EATING I ate it with friends people. Another star for me. 

That makes 2 stars. Any suggestions on colours people? 

And friends who I ate lunch with- you're fab :) 

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