December 21, 2014

The One with the Pepper Hats

For those keeping a tally- this is no. 4. 

However, I strongly suspect the only one keeping a tally is me. 

Is there a record for the most posts in one day? 

Now, do you ever ask your Dad for a bag of the mixed color mini peppers that you saw in the fruit and veggie shop only to look at the bag and think: wow that is very monochrome. 

Then look at your bento the next day, and think: wow that is very monochrome.

I need to remember the food/color laws. 

And you know, the monochrome pepper bag wouldn't be half bad- except that I wanted the red ones for Christmas. If they had a bag of just red ones- I'd of got that! But no- I'm stuck with a load of yellowy-orangy ones. And no, I didn't just hide all the red ones. That is an accurate representation. 

>blasting the Christmas songs up<

It's some felafel's (great veggie lunchbox filler- must get round to making my own one day) some M & S Christmas pudding bread cut into Christmas trees (and boy, is that stuff hard to cut into shapes), some (rare) red pepper and mini Babybel cheese Santa Claus hats, and some cherry tomatoes to fill in the gaps. And add a bit of color. 

So how did it do?


1. TIME It would have taken about a quarter of the time if the bread hadn't been so hard to cut up. 

2. LEFTOVERS After spending so much time trying to cut that bread into shapes (and the one underneath doesn't look nearly as good) - I was in no mood to do something creative with the leftovers. So, I'll loose a star here. 

3. RECORDING Sensing a theme here? Loose a star and move on. 

5. BOXABILITY I thing everything fitted in quite nicely. And it stood up to the ultimate test- it still looked like that at lunchtime. So we'll go all the way up to minus one. (Yes, that was sarcastic) 

8. PLANNING I made sure that I had everything I needed. That counts as planning. So we'll finish this bento on no stars. (Aw, sad face :( ) 

See you in a bit. Is it just me who is really tired right now? 

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