December 21, 2014

The One Where I Used a Shop Bought Sandwich

Okay, so way longer that half an hour, cause I learnt more danish than I planned, had lunch and then watched some anime. As ya do. 

So ya know. 

So ya know. 

On the subject of so ya know, ya know when you see a new sandwich in M & S and you really want to try it but it's Wednesday and it is best before Thursday and it's not like ya go to M & S everyday and ya know...

Ya know?

So, here is a sandwich which I have tried very unsuccessfully to turn into a bento. 

Lets just take away like, 2 stars and move on. How bout that? And you can wonder why I ever bothered to post this and I can get on with the next five. Cause it really doesn't deserve to be labelled a bento. It isn't. 

P.S. And for those of you who are wondering- The sandwich is quite good. A little to mayonnaise-y for me tho. 

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