December 22, 2014

Do You Want To Eat a Snowman?

I really need to get some food safe markers- cause I don't like the taste of writing icing. 

This bento contains 2 half size Quorn pepperoni and cucumber snowman sandwiches (I am so loving the pepperoni and cucumber combination), a bit of extra cucumber, a cut up cheese string, a cut up apple pie Nakd  bar and some mint humbugs to fill the gaps. 


2. LEFTOVERS As usual- I lose a point here. I might have done something constructive with the leftovers- but to be honest- I just don't remember what I did with them. Which probably meant that I ate them with my breakfast. 

3. RECORDING Loose another star and move on

4. BALANCE Because I have a feeling I'm going to need every star I can get on this one- so I'm going to reward myself a star for balance. It has everything there- so it's justified. You might not be able to see it all- but it's there. 

5. BOXABILITY It all fits in- and I made sure that I filled all the gaps. With humbugs if necessary (bah humbug.... it's seasonal!) So- another star (wohoo- I am officially on no stars!) 

6. PACKAGING Way too much packaging. The Nakd bar, the cheese string, and the humbugs all came individually wrapped. :( Loose another star. 

7. CUTENESS It contains snowmen. Hell-o. Gain another star. (kinda- therefore I am on a grand total of no stars.)

So- I hate finishing no where. I HAVE TO GET BETTER

Only one more Christmas bento left to go!

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