December 21, 2014

Veggie Hotdog's Don't Curl

Veggie hot dogs don't curl. Apparently. However- it may be that the lack of curling incurred was actually due to the fact that I cooked then cut- whereas now I realise that it is supposed to be cut then cook. I learnt this while I got very distracted on the site Casabento. I mean, come on! Bento supplies galore! And I get very easily distracted by Bento stuff. I mean ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!! However, I got distracted from bento-ing by bento-ing. Not so good. 

Also, when will blogger/my laptop ever recognise that bento is a word? Hi spell check, I appreciate that you're right, like, 100% of the rest of the time, but sometimes I'm right too! Like now...

SO, this isn't actually a bento. I mean, it ain't in a box. Big barrier in the way of counting as a bento- so... 

This is what I based my reindeer on this one from Cute Food for Kids. 

And here is what mine looked like:

Not quite as spectacular as the real deal, however, not bad. I confess myself that I thought it would end up a lot worse. Although Dad said he thought the antlers looked more like donkey ears, than, well, antlers. 

Although I used the idea, I executed it differently. To make it into more of a complete meal, I put a layer of very basic guacamole into the bottom of the bowl. Then, instead of using fried rice, I used cous cous (which spell check keeps trying to change to cows cows)- which for me is easier and quicker. And cheap. I just added a bit of stock powder for flavor- but we're talking a tiny bit here! I used a Quorn hot dog instead of a turkey one (obviously), two black olives for eyes and a big spoon of  salsa for the nose- I thought I'd continue with the Mexican-y theme. So actually, not one single aspect is exactly the same. But I did use the idea. 

And here's what it looked like while I was eating it! A but of a mess, but yummy. 

And to be honest, there's no reason why, if you had a circular box, you couldn't have it cold for lunch! 

So, shall we mark it? (No, no, let's not!) (You know, I can't wait till I've finished my challenge and don't have to mark it) (I'm trying to remember when I stopped adding that link to every bento post. I thought I'd add it for a bit of fun!) 

1. TIME It takes as long as it does to cook your hot dog and then a minute. So for a Quorn dog 10 minutes. Not bad for a warm lunch. And it was easy too. Lots of components but every component is relatively easy. One star (red for Christmas I think)

3. RECORDING Loose that star and move on. I've been revising!

4. BALANCE. To be honest, not enough fruit/veggies. And no calcium. But you can (and I did) add a  yogurt/some milk and a piece of fruit/some veggies. So we'll stay on no stars for the time being. 

5. BOXABILITY It isn't in a box. That kinda actually means that it isn't kinda actually a bento. But, if I didn't want something warm and I had a suitable container, I could of had it as a cold bento. We'll lose a star, but only one for it not being in a box. 

6. PACKAGING Nothing here, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was individually packaged. I am doing a little happy dance at the thought. You should join in. Gain a star. (If you're counting, that means I have none.)

7. CUTENESS. Hello (Kitty) Its cute. What more can I say? So I'm on one star now!

8. PLANNING I'll stay neutral again here. It wasn't actually my idea- I didn't plan such cuteness- but I did make sure we had hot dogs in ahead of time, and I used up the avocado. So- neutral. 

9. EATING I ate it all up like a big girl. 

So we'll end on two stars. 

Happy Holidays. 

Alliteration. Better than Merry Christmas. 

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