September 01, 2015

What Else Would You Do When Stuck On A Bus

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In one of the books - a group of girls (Joey and a few teachers) gets stuck on a bus. In a storm. Overnight. On a mountain.

It's not that big a deal really. Stuff like that happens all the time in the Chalet School. They once had to spend a night halfway up the mountain in a thunder storm (in the open air not a bus). Once they were flooded and water came into the school and they all had to stay upstairs. They fall into rivers/lakes a lot. That sort of thing... being stuck on a bus isn't that horrific in comparison.

But what do the mistresses do when they know they are stuck on a bus full of girls in a storm overnight with no food? They ask for any sticks of chocolate to be sent back to them. And they make hot chocolate for the girls (they have some sort of portable stove - obviously. What - you don't carry some sort of portable stove with you?) Which is full of excitements in itself... Using the tin the the stove comes in as a saucepan. The lid falling in....

The excitement that I can't work out is that.... they've got the chocolate. But what about the milk. They had to cater for two more meals then they should have done.... surely they didn't have enough milk with them to give every girl a cup of hot chocolate? Or did they use water. Or did they  just literally heat up chocolate and have the thickest hot chocolate ever?

At any rate. I used milk. And a stove. And I didn't do it while stuck on a bus. It probably didn't taste as good.

Hot Chocolate
Serves 1

  • 1 serving of vegan chocolate (this kind of depends on the chocolate I guess.... I used Moo Free chocolate and used one horizontal row of squares.... I think for most bars of chocolate this is about 4 squares.) 
  • 1 cup of plant milk (I have found that oat milk is the best for heating up like this - but this is quite possible up to the brand that you use. I used Oatly - which worked very well, bur just use your favorite) 

  • Using a small pan, gently heat the milk. Stir it occasionally. If it forms a skin (which some do) just stir it in. You (probably) won't be able to tell when you drink it! 
  • While the milk is heating up- chop up the chocolate into very small pieces. I would say aim for cutting each square into six at least. 
  • When the milk is simmering, take it off the heat. Add in the chocolate, wait a few seconds, and whisk. Let the heat of the milk melt the chocolate on it's own (this is why you need very small pieces.) If you have one of those mini milk frothers.. use that as your whisk. 
  • CAREFULLY transfer to your favorite mug. The milk may not be boiling but it's still hot. 
  • Enjoy. Without vegan marshmallows or anything like that. Pretend you're on a bus. In a storm. Up a mountainside. Overnight. It tastes better. 

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