September 21, 2015

The Purple One

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So.... for all intents and purposes today is September 16th.... where the prompt is

"What's your favorite late summer food?"

I was confirmed into the Catholic Church when I was ten and a half. It was a bit of a hectic time all around- and what I remember of my Confirmation are a bit muddled. But I do remember afterwards. We'd foregone the party in the church hall to go home- we there was a 'bun fight' as my Dad called it. I don't remember if there were buns of any type. I think there were Capri Sun - but that could have been another family event. Similar to the fact that it may or may not have been a baked potato party. 

I do remember finding a corner- sat on the floor- next to the fireplace- and eating blackberries. And getting purple fingers. And deciding that blackberries were now one of my favorite foods.

Blackberries are not my favorite food (hello apples) but they are my favorite late summer food. Slightly ironic as that is the very end of blackberry season- practically after their season has ended. But I always remember eating them in late summer.

I did consider several blackberry featuring recipes- but in the end I went with this smoothie recipe. I did consider a baked oatmeal... an overnight oats.... a porridge.... (other favorite food = oats).... a cookie.... some sort of blackberry brownie..... blackberry muffins..... blackberry awesomesauce...... the list is endless.

But in the end I went with the smoothie. Mainly because of the finger staining color. Which in this smoothie isn't diluted but baked up and made more intense by the other ingredients (namely blueberries) to create a very purple drink.

The Purple One
Makes 1 large or 2 small smoothies

1/3 cup blackberries
1/4 cup blueberries
1 small plum
1 small banana
Plant Milk (I used almond)

  • Wash and cut the fruit into small pieces. Freeze for several hours or overnight if desired (otherwise you can measure out the same amount of frozen fruit) 
  • Place all the fruit together in a jug/beaker/blender cup with measurements. Pour in the milk to the 16oz mark (this should be about 1 cup of milk) 
  • Blend. Blitz. Make lots of noise. It's a smoothie. You know the drill. There will be seeds. Embrace the crunch. Be grateful that there isn't a load of unblended green bits. 
  • Pour into your chosen glasses (or mugs. Or plastic cups. Or glass bottles. Or jars.) 
  • Enjoy. And try not to get brain freeze. 


  1. Awesome post; blackberries are so good & your smoothie sounds delicious! I still cannot bring myself to try a green smoothie, so I laughed out loud at the "Be grateful that there isn't a load of unblended green bits" part! :D

    1. I have had some green smoothies..... but I've never had a blender good enough to COMPLETELY blend the 'green'..... so it's not something I'm in the mood for very often!

  2. The smoothies in that recipe look so nice, i must try them at some point