September 01, 2015

Hello MoFo 2015

So last year Vegan MoFo almost killed me. That - the fact that my computer finally died and so I lost most of the pictures that I needed- and the fact that I wasn't well. 

But it was very stressful. 

But so much fun. 

So much fun that I decided to sign up this year as well. And guess what? It's not even the end of the first day- I haven't even written my first post yet- and already it's stressful. Think we couldn't use the water without boiling it and so know I am 4 weeks behind because I wasn't allowed to do any cooking stressful. The best laid plan's of mice and men.... 

So I don't have much time to write (did I mention I was moving out and starting uni halfway through this?) nor do I have much time for editing photos (read none). And I'm burning oat milk on the stove. 

Now I have saved the oat milk- I'll begin. (Are you sitting comfortably?) 

So- Vegan MoFo is when bloggers (and Instagramers and Twitteres and Facebookers) all over the world spend one month (September) blogging all that they can in one month about vegan food. It's intense. 

This month- due to more bloggers using sites such as Instagram, they've changed it up a bit. MoFo is happening across all platforms- and instead of each blogger choosing their theme for the month- there is a universal theme for each day- so each participant is on the same page. 

And although I'm not vegan - I eat a lot of vegan food and I am going to have a lot of fun participating (when it's not stressful). So everything on this blog is going to be vegan for the next month.... (my parent's would say that there isn't much of a change...) 

So today's prompt is "Rise and Shine! It's MoFo time! Tell us about your breakfast!" 

Which should be simple enough - right? But is this my breakfast today.... or my usual breakfast. I mean... do I even have a usual breakfast. I mean - the only answer I can give to that one is that it's basically anything but toast.

So I decided to create my own 'spin' on the theme (that's totally allowed- right?) and based it upon .... Breakfast in the Chalet School books. As I said earlier today... I'm obsessed.

So.... The place to start with the Chalet School in terms of breakfast? Hot milk or hot milky coffee. It's something that seems to appear in practically all meals in the series, weather you like it or not.  Including breakfast. So it seems like a good place to start.

I've found that oat milk seems to heat up the best- and so if I have a choice- that's what I'll use for hot milk. It also works with almond and soy milk- but if I have a choice that's what I use (and so that's why Mom's not happy with me because I have a carton of oat and one of almond open at the moment!)

Another thing is that I don't like coffee. Kind of. I like the taste of coffee- but it's always to strong for me now- no matter how week it's made. So I cheated. Instead of making milky coffee- I made coffee flavored hot milk. I know it's not the best way to do things- but.... It tasted nice.

Okay - it must be a really big mug!! 

Hot Milk
Serves 1

  • 1 cup of milk (preferably oat for me- but use your favorite!) 
  • Optional: 1/4 of a teaspoon of coffee flavoring (this may need to be adjusted depending on how strong your flavouring is- maybe start with 1/8 of a teaspoon and increase slowly if you think yours is a strong flavoring)

  • In a small pan (or the microwave) heat the milk until it is bubbling but not boiling. 
  • Transfer to your favorite mug (it should be one that's nice to cradle in a way that gently warms your hands and makes you feel all cosy inside- even if it's summer!) 
  • I used a mini milk frother because I've found that if I use it - it stops the milk from developing a skin while I drink it. It's only £1, very small and I've found it very useful. Even more so if it wasn't kept on a high shelf that I couldn't reach!!!! 
  • If you're going to add the coffee flavoring- add this before you whisk it. If you don't have a milk frother use a normal whisk to make sure that your flavouring is mixed in evenly. 
  • Take the time to enjoy your drink. It's worth it. 

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