September 21, 2015

Wedding Bento # 1

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So..... today is September 10th. When the prompt for today is

"Something Blue" 

So.... something blue. Blueberries? Right? I could recreate the blueberry yogurt I used to love as a child. Or make blueberry muffins. Or make blueberry pie, or blueberry smoothie..... or.........

But blueberries aren't really blue are they? Especially in anything other than their raw state. So.....

Not blueberries.

So what else is blue? I mean; blue food colouring was blue. But it was already packed..... and I couldn't find it. (it's now on the floor of my room as I work out where I'm going to put it)

So.... what else is blue. Um.... pretty much nothing is actually blue. Or not naturally anyway.

All I can think about right now is Dick King Smith's book How Green Was My Mouse.

Food should not be blue as much as mice should not be green.

Now all I can think about is Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief where he and his Mom used to eat bags of blue sweets.

And so basically I have just gone on a long tandem and I still haven't come up with a blue food.

Maybe I could of done about a sad food. And interpreted the prompt that way. But I kind of think that doing that would have been against the point of MoFo (to tell everyone about how amazing vegan food can be!) Who wants to read about sad food?

So.... the tandem continues....... and we get to......

"Something old; something new; something borrowed; something blue."

You know - the rhyme about what every bride should have at her wedding.

And so I got thinking. What would I want at my wedding (apart from a pretty dress, nice flowers and a husband)? I would want to serve Bento Boxes to everyone. (are you surprised?)

So here is my first idea about what I might impose upon my wedding guests.

There is a pizza and garlic bread made cut out of ciabatta bread. The pizza topped with sun-dried tomato paste and nutritional yeast, and the garlic bread was made using olive oil, garlic powder and parsley. There's some broccoli roasted in vegan pesto (because BROCCOLI) and praline soya dessert topped with vegan chocolate chips. (praline soya dessert tastes almost as good as broccoli.)

And even though it's MoFo - normal rules still apply (of course!) (can you believe I've been bento-ing for over a year now?)


1. TIME because if I'm about to get married- I wouldn't want to be spending lots of time in the kitchen - right? :P This one was actually really quick. Apart from having to wait for the grill to heat up - it was pretty much just a case of assembling various components. The broccoli was already cooked - but that was just a case of mixing the ingredients together before putting it in the oven. Gain a star. (Oh no- I forgot to bring my stars to uni!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO)

2. LEFTOVERS I loose a star here. Mainly because this was right before I moved out- and so I didn't have time to do anything constructive with the outsides of the bread.

3. RECORDING So I loose another star here. Because I had this a while ago. But if you haven't already noticed- I'm not exactly on top of things here.

4. BALANCE It's a metaphorical party. It doesn't have to be nutritionally balanced - right? So- normally I would deduct a star- but I'm not going to this time.

5. BOXABILITY So it all fit's in the box. Which is always a start. So I'm gonna give myself a star.

6. PACKAGING A complete lack of any individual packaging here- and I made the bread myself -and the packaging from all the ingredients is recyclable- so definitely getting a star here!!!! (happy dance time)

7. CUTENESS This isn't exactly cute- but I have made a lot less cute bento's in my time, so.... neutral

8. PLANNING Totally getting a star for this one. I somehow managed NOT to eat all the broccoli the night before so that I still had some left over (which was hard because BROCCOLI). I used up the ciabatta bread from what will become another MoFo post. I saw the dessert in the store and got it thinking 'this will be perfect for that post' and that's a sort of planning, right?

9. EATING I ate it ALL up.

Which means I end on 4 stars. Which is actually quite good. Maybe I was being to generous?

And so I have gone the whole post about 'something blue' - and haven't yet managed to post anything about something that is ACTUALLY BLUE.

Also - Mom said that I should point out to anybody who actually reads my blog that there's a bar on the side where you can sign up to the blog's e-mail list. In case you never want to miss a post (you know, in case you want an insomnia cure or want to regularly laugh at how ridiculous I can be) which I find slightly weird- considering that she doesn't read it.... but anyway. Also- I feel weird because.... asking people to sign up like this is weird. And now I'm babbling. So....  It's their. If you're bored.

Hope MoFo is going great for everyone else!