September 22, 2015

Quick and Easy Crumble

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"Quick, Easy and Delicious" 

Quick, Easy and Delicious- possibly one of the easiest prompts of the month. I guess it's in the title.  So I'm sorry that it has taken me until now to post this. 

This is the quickest, easiest crumble you will ever meet. It can be made in about 3 seconds flat. And come on - that's quick. And anything that can be done that quick has got to be easy. And let me assure you - it's delicious. 

It is also really easy to switch things up. There are endless variations for the granola and the 'applesauce' (or awesomesauce as I like to call it). Chocolate granola and cherry-applesauce? Cinnamon granola and pumpkin-applesauce? Banana granola and blueberry-applesauce? Apple granola and plain applesauce for a double apple hit? 

You can use homemade granola for this- or buy some from a store- but just check the ingredients because quite a few will contain honey. You can make your own awesomesauce- or buy some in the store. If you're in the UK - it's probably going to be a lot harder (read basically impossible) to find applesauce in anything other than the baby section - but try the Organix brand of baby fruit purees- they're really nice. (feeling like a weirdo who eats baby-food here - but the fruit purees are just the same as store bought apple sauce). 

I like to pour almond or oat milk over my crumble (because I'm weird like that) but either store bought or homemade vegan custard is very good. You can also mix up the custard - chocolate custard? -bright green mint flavored custard? - strawberry custard? - banana custard? 

Or some vegan cream? Or ice cream? Or banana soft serve? And of course there are many variations of these. 

And do you want to eat it hot or cold? 

So this is quick - easy - oh so definitely DELICIOUS - and there are endless variations. 

What's exactly is there not to like here? 

Quick and Easy Crumble
Serves 1 

  • About 1/4 cup (or 1 single serve container) of awesomesauce
  • Granola- about 1/4 cup - but you can add more or less depending on your preference 
  • OPTIONAL something to serve with your crumble - milk, cream, ice cream, custard, banana soft serve..... whatever you have in and/or fancy. 

  • If you are going to want to heat this- you're going to need to think about your container - if you want to bake it in the oven - the dish needs to be ovenproof - if you want to put it in the microwave- it needs to be microwave proof. If you want to eat it cold - then put it in whatever you want. 
  • Literally you just put the awesomesauce and the granola together. Layer or mixed in - whichever you want. 
  • If you want it heated - you can either 'bake' it in the oven or warm it in the microwave. Everything here is already cooked- so you just want to warm things through. Obviously this is going to be quicker in the microwave- but it won't take too long in the oven either. 
  • Serve with..... whatever you want. 
  • Then enjoy. Having another serving afterwards is entirely optional. But highly recommended. 

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