June 04, 2014

Happy New Years... I've missed the Glitterball

Yeah I've missed the glitter ball.
But you know that all the greatest bloggers post their "Happy New Years" post in...

Girl looks at (coincidentally imaginary) watch, and realizes that watches tell time in little bits (hours and minutes and seconds) rather than big bits (weeks and months)...

Girls sighs and looks on calendar...

May. Everyone posts their best "Happy New Years" post in June. Its what makes them the best. Cause if you've had to wait this long for it... you know it's gonna be good. Right peoples?

I did try for Chinese New Years people. I really really did. Like R.E.A.L.L.Y. really. Sometimes things just don't work out. Until June. 

One good thing about doing this in June is I can ask... 

Has any one really kept them? Hands up people (and comments down... come on... it only takes a moment). Who's still revising more/eating less junk/going to the gym more/being more organised? And who's let theirs go by the wayside? Don't worry... you know that they were halfhearted anyway. 

Who'd forgotten about them till now, has just remembered they should be doing an extra half hour of homework a day and decided 'sod it, I'll just try again next year'.

I made two New Years Resolutions. Plus a sort of New Years Bucket List.

You see, the trouble is, it's kind of hard doing chemo + anything else. Chemo is very time consuming guys. We can be talking 5/6 days solid in hospital here. Plus, it makes you sleep. Like constantly. You know how baby's can sleep for 18/20 hours a day sometimes. Forget it. That's nothing. (At least us chemo-ers don't cry and want feeding the rest of the time. Well... sometimes we want feeding, but not in the same way). So spend more time in the gym just ain't an option for me. Plus, I can't walk yet, so gym? Forget it. (Not that I ever went to the gym even when I could walk. I went once. And fell backwards of the treadmill)

So these resolutions had to be something that didn't require any effort/thought unless I was ready for it. I.e. reading the newspaper everyday was out. So is washing our (imaginary) car every Sunday morning. It had to be something that, if I needed to, I could forget about till like, April. Or just until I wake up (possibly the year 2273). But it's a New Year's Resolution people, it had to be something that on New Years Eve, I could look back and say... yeah... I did that. I'm quite proud that I sticked to that... I think I achieved something in that area of my life this year.

Or, "well shucks! That didn't work now did it? Maybe I'll try again next year" (and quite probably fail again.)

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Learn to use chopsticks ... As in actually learn how to use them properly, not just find a way to make them get food from plate to mouth. 
2. Try as many recipes as possible from my new cookbook Peas and Thankyou by Sarah Matheny. 

I like Chinese food. I've had very little Thai food, and for arguments sake, I've had no Vietnamese/Japanese/other East Asian cuisine. And pretty much all of what I have had, I've eaten with a fork. I like noodles and rice, with their assorted trimmings, and fully intend to eat more (especially the noodles) in the future - quick, easy to adapt for 1 (no trying to quarter a can of chopped tomatoes) and very versatile.

So I should probably learn to eat them 'properly'.

Know, I know 'properly' is probably not using chopsticks in many cases. I'm thinking about Sheldon's lecture on Thailand and the fork from The Big Bang Theory as I say this. I'm also a firm believer that eating 'properly' is eating however you feel comfortable, as long as it's not offencive. That's my excuse for ditching my knife, holding my fork in my right hand and ditching the implements all together when eating potato wedges and chicken nuggets.

And eating with chopsticks is a perfect way to eat 'properly'. I'm SUPPOSED to be holding them in my right hand (Dad) and you're not supposed to use a knife (Dad). It's a perfect solution to my bad (ish) eating habits.

Plus, the really cool plastic coloured ones work just as well as the 'proper' ones. Which can very rarely be said for knifes and forks. Even if they are a bit slippy.

(This is what my plate looks like before and after I eat a meal with chopsticks. Messy- but I did it)

And as for doing as many recipes as possible from my new cookbook...

How many cookbooks have you had where you flick through it, go, "ooh, that looks nice!" and "we'll try that one next week" and "I'll pick up some soy sauce so we can have a go at that one", pick up the soy sauce and then never use it. Not for that recipe anyway.

Yeah well I didn't want this to happen this time. This is a cookbook by one of my favourite bloggers (although she stopped blogging about a year ago). I have been wanting to get my hands on it for ages, and then I get it for Christmas. (Thanks Nana). How cool is that? And this book is so full of some amazing looking recipes, that I don't want it to become another one of those cookbooks which is for display purposes only. I want it to be used in the way that it deserves to be used. Even if that means spraying it with lemon juice and giving it a fine dusting of coco powder.

Apparently, a girl gotta peel a can of chickpeas. 

Yeah, I know. Some might say that it's destruction of an otherwise pristine book. Some might say I need a cookbook stand (me included- but to keep it open on the right page). Some might say I'm just sad, trying to do EVERY SINGLE recipe out of one book. But hey ho. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

But a girls not sure what shes gonna do when a recipe calls for mango. A girl ain't liking no mango. And a girls not sure what shes gonna do when a recipe calls for a waffle maker. Anyone got a waffle maker they can lend a girl?

My New Years Bucket List:

1. Go to Ikea
2. Get a Balti dish (they are so cute)
3. Eat many dinosaur sandwiches
4. Make popcorn (a must on anybodies bucket list - to different extremes)
5. Go to Lakeland plastics
6. Spend some money in Lakeland plastics
7. Make an omelet (without cracking any eggs)
8. Go back to college
9. Get an A* on a piece of maths homework
10. Watch Frozen again

Do we need updates on my bucket list people? I think we do. Yes, I know that you all screamed no at your computer screens when I asked that question, but chemo has caused some hearing loss.

Actually, it has, but only in the upper registers where a bit of hearing loss wont make much of a difference according to the man who did it. Unless someone is playing sounds in your ears and asking which ones you can hear. Oh, and I can't hear that annoying mosquito sound outside of some shops. However that will be no loss.

So yeah, get ready for updates people.

Just pray that they get posted this century. You know what I'm like :D

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