June 25, 2014

Nature's Path Munch and ChocoMunch Cereal

Okay people. Think Golden Nuggets and Nesquick but with an ingredient list that doesn't sound so scary. Whereas Golden Nuggets contain 14 ingredients, as well as a whole load of vitamins and minerals, Munch only contains 4. And I know what they all are.

So you probably like them already. I might just go away and not bother writing anything else because seriously- why bother?

Well... I should probably bother because there will be some skeptics out there who aren't convinced yet! I know, it's unbelievable! But there will be some, and so I will continue. 

Munch is a corn based cereal in the shape of golden yellow (or chocolate brown) balls. It has a pleasant crunch- and doesn't turn to cereal mush on immediate contact with milk. Way beating cornflakes and wheat biscuits on the 'lengh of time till soggy cereal yuck' contest. Unless you like soggy ceraeal of course... Although it does become softer when it's been in the milk for a while, it still has a nice bite to it. 

Look how good this photo is compared to the one above (which was taken ages ago)
The plain Munch cereal tastes pleasently sweet. Not overly, sugary sweet in a similar way to many cereals aimed at children are, but a subtle sweet. The corn-y taste is alowed to shine through and be the star player, supported by the sweet taste. That, by the way, is the closest I am going to get to talking about the world cup at all this year. The fact that they don't taste all that sweet is slightly supprising because they contain about as much sugar per 100g as their processed counterparts. I will atribute that to the fact that they contain only natural sugar instead of high-whatever-whatever-syrup. They are still a high sugar cereal, so maybe keep them for a Saturday treat? Or just go for it. 

The fun you can have with two boxes of cereal!!!

The ChocoMunch tastes kinda like Coco Pops with more oomph. Possibly because they are not hollow, but I do think they have got the balance right there. (There is only one person I know who doesn't like Coco Pops). They don't quite taste as natural as the plain ones, but then, they taste like a childrens chocolate cereal. Which is what they are. 

The ChocoMunch does have this tendency to clump up. However, never fear, the ChocoMunch clusters are here! It's really not the end of the world, just bear in mind that if clumping really annoys you, then you may wish to spend a minute breaking them up BEFORE pouring the milk over them (unless you like soggy hands, of course).

What's more, they are organic, gluten free, and vegan (so no milk or eggs). Its practically all good. And it tastes great, unlike some other free from cereals which don't taste that great. Even the ones which claim they taste great.

Unlike the majority of boxed cereals on the UK market, these are not fortified. I guess that's what makes them vegan and organic. If it is essential to you that your cereal is fortified, then don't go for these. If it doesn't matter much to you, then go for it. Don't forget, one of the "healthiest" cereals going, oats for porridge/muesli isn't fortified either. And as a once in a while treat, it shouldn't matter about the lack of extra added nutrition.

Now, when I was in bed being ill, I asked my Dad if he could get me some Gorilla Munch cereal. This caused a whole lotta confusion. Despite the fact that my parents (my Dad) brought me this cereal when I was younger, they deny all knowledge of remembrance of this product. So he went up and down the cereal isle looking for a box with a gorilla on the front. And came home empty handed. So I explained to him, it's not called Gorilla Munch any more, it's just called Munch, and has a picture of a hedgehog on the front (I preferred it when it was called gorilla munch.) ("Well why didn't you say just Munch then?")  He then when up and down the cereal isle looking for Munch cereal, with a hedgehog on the front. Mom hadn't passed on the "Its in the gluten free section bit". Eventually, we got there. By this time, Dad now hated Gorilla Munch.

It may have changed it's name, but Munch has stayed true to it's gorilla roots. 1% of the sales of the Munch and ChocoMunch go to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, to help combat the problems that we humans are causing to the planet's largest primate. And unlike most "We give dada% to charity", this isn't for a limited time only. This is an ongoing all time kind of thing. And who doesn't like a heartfelt donation to charity?

Look, see. The box does have a gorilla on it!

One box (9/10 servings) costs about £3. Which works out at about 30-33p per bowl. Which is kind of expensive. 1 box of 'normal' cereal of similar weight generally costs about £1-£2.50 depending. So yes it is expensive. A box of free from cereal is more like £1.50-£3.50. So, it's still expensive. But the things we want generally are. 

There is just something about Munch that I like. Who knows what it is, I just like it. Its one of my favourite cereals. Really, and I like a lot of cereals. This is definitely one of my favourites. And I mean it. Sure it has it's shortcomings (i.e. price, sugar), but for a treat (which this type of cereal should be) it's one of my favourites. And if you ever have spare money to spend on cereal, go for it, you won't be disappointed, I promise!

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