June 25, 2014

In Other, Less Interesting News... #4

1. I found some UK based vegan blogs, here and here. Although I am not vegan, I do like reading vegan food blogs, because I like vegan food. The trouble usually is, they are all American and have a tendency to talk about/use ingredients that you just cant get over here. Which is a bit rubbish. But with these blogs, this should happen a lot less often. Although the second one does include a lot of baby food, which I'm not into all that much!

2.  I got a Rainbows bear. It is soooo cool. So cool, I had to take so many pictures of him. (Actually, that probably should be her!)

3. My parcel arrived! (Please tell me that it isn't just me who get excited when they get a parcel?) I got a dino sandwich cutter (which also conveniently cuts the crusts off), a new water bottle, and Nutritional Yeast Flakes! Nutritional Yeast Flakes are a bit like flakes of marmite, with a slightly cheesy flavour. Well, they are not really, but that's the best way that I can think to describe them. Well, anyway, they are what I was waiting for to make my omelet - but the only place I could find them was Amazon. And boy, do they come in a BIG container!

4. I gotto go to Pizza Hut! And I gotto go to the salad bar!!!!! (Yeah to no chemo restrictions). I am so having a salad bar for my 21st. Or my wedding. Or just for whatever. The pizza may be okay/good (deep pan girl in an Italian thin crust house = not good) but I only really go for the salad. But I was told to restrain myself so I would actually eat some of the paid for pizza. :( And the best bit, btw, the tomato pasta salad, is hiding under there somewhere. 

Yes, I did ask for my pizza with like, quarter cheese. And yes, I left half of it. The salad was more important!

5. I have started working on Girlguiding UK's Look Wider programme. Mainly because I was bored. But also because its fun. But mainly because I was bored. 

6. Mom made my try on all my old shoes. Yes, I am keeping the heels. No, I can't walk in them. Yes, Mom did make me try. Yes, I am keeping the jelly's. Why? Because I was a jelly deprived girl as a child.  I need to make up for lost time

7. I got a new pen and calculator for college. THEY ARE PINK! (Yes, I know that is not the right calculator to get for maths, but its PINK and I DON'T CARE!) 

8. I got given a Be-Ro cookbook, the epitome of all baking books. Its not as good as Moms though. Stupid 41st edition. 

9. I used my Ikea loaf pan to make cornbread (or corn-crumbs really). Look peoples, it makes a pretty pattern on the base of the loaf! Thank you friend who gave it to me. 

10. Due to no. 5, I have been working on an about me page for the blog. Hence, I've not posted anything in too long. That, and really, my life just ain't that interesting. 

11. Oreo's are now vegatarian!!!! Me a happy bunny. Still working on the Twist, Lick, Dunk thing without the cookie braking. Me a slightly less happy bunny. 

12. Morrison's had a black/purple pepper and icicle radishes in!! Now I'm just waiting for them to get purple cauliflower in. Please, people, please!

13. It rained. A lot. And that white stuff you can see? Hail. And the thunder and lightning you can't here because its a photograph, duh? Intense. And that black and white stripy bit? Mom's reflection, not some weird weather phenomenon. The Big Bang Theory fanatics, no, she is not dressed as the Doppler effect. 

14. I got my wig. I am a bald fluffy penguin no more. 

15. Dad doesn't know when Mom will get back. My brother really, didn't need to ask that one. 

16. Mom's friend brought fancy macaroons for us in a fancy a** (sorry) department store. I didn't like them. They were kinda disgusting to me. Damn chemo. 

17. I had a soy coconut mocha frappachino. (I know Starbucks didn't pay there taxes, but we end up getting a drink where we end up getting a drink.) It was nice. And cold. And I even drank most of it. I am so proud of me! (Compared to another time, when I took one sip of my coffee, and resigned to just having the froth). 

18. I followed my friends advice, and tried veggie sushi. It looks so pretty. Look at the little bottle of soya sauce! I will admit that I gave up using the chopsticks on the bigger ones, but hey, I was brave and tried something new and scary. You cant have everything in life! It was a bit weird and a bit strange, and very very new, but I think we may be having a repeat of sushi lunch some time! ;) 

19. My friends have all finished their exams!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!! I have friends again!!!!!!!! (Being friends with enforced hermits has it's disadvantages!) Well done to them, and anyone else who just did exams. 

20. I have three Greenland's. Anyone want a Greenland bear card? Please?

21. I went shopping for new clothes. For college. I'm liking my new look. I even bought a purple dress, I just hope it isn't too short? 

22. Wow, there has been a lot of less interesting news since #3.

23. This, my friends, is what we call a multi spooned plate lollipop. Or a kitchen mishap. You choose. 


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