June 30, 2014

Nice Nails #10

Anyone up for a bumper issue of my poorly photographed, okay-ly photographed nails? 

Why is it so hard to photograph your own nails? Apart from the fact that it leaves just one hand to both hold the camera(phone) steady and press shoot? Yeah, it's a mystery. Plus, I can never work out which position to put my hands in so that they look pretty. 

This, is a very VERY very posh nail polish. Yeah, very posh. It's a Clinique one that I got given as a present. I'm not trying to be a brand snob here, but it was a very nice nail polish to use. Not to thick and gloopy, and not to runny. And it lasted for like, ever. Until I got bored one time and started picking it off. Then it still lasted for like, ever, until I got bored and tired of chipped nails and redid them. But it was a lovely set of nails. And due to no fault of anybodies except possibly mine, that little finger? It was a third time lucky attempt. And I got very frustrated, pulled some silly faces, and so Mom had to lend a hand. See, her Brownie instincts are still strong. 

The chipped nails were replaced by these. And, news flash: I AM CURRENTLY WEARING THESE NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM UP TO DATE WITH THE "NICE NAILS" POSTS!!!!!! To be honest, I thought that the day would never come! I am going though a Frozen kick (I am literally listening to 'Let it Go' as we 'speak'), and so these nails are Frozen inspired. Loosely, you wouldn't really be able to tell. I did think about putting a glitter coat over the top, but it's hard to take off afterwards. I used two Barry M Gelly polishes (Prickly Pear and Watermelon/Guava, I can't remember), and one Clinique polish (the silver one).  Yeah, not very Frozen-y, but hey, I've got a load of compliments on them, so they can't be that bad! 


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