May 27, 2014

How to Have a Daytime Sleepover

You know something- I turned 18 in January. 

Yeah really.

I am now a complete, bone fide adult who just voted for her MEP. (For the record, I did NOT vote for UKIP). I am not just some strange creature in between childhood and adulthood but who still has to pay full price on the bus. 

I. Am 18. Oh yeah. 

But I've still never had alcohol. (Excluding Communion wine, Christmas pudding and accidentally having a liquor sweet - yuck!) I've never been to a club (there's too many weird people anyway.) And I have never brought scissors or a knife. 

Yep. That's right- I turn 18 in January, and I have to wait until May before I can do something with it. Life is just that cool. 

The week before my birthday I was in hospital feeling ill. Two days after my birthday I started a new treatment which makes me feel like I have the flu. The day of my birthday I was in hospital for clinic. When on Earth's a girl supposed to celebrate her birthday? I ask you. 

And what's a girl to do. Big family celebration? Way too tiring. Night out with friends? Bedtimes 7pm sweetie. Sleepover? Yes, it would be a SLEEPover- for me at least. Shopping trip? You try pushing the wheelchair between those very awkward stands. Movie theatre? Yeah... All the good films came out for Christmas, there's nothing left to come out for the middle of January. 

Enter the daytime sleepover. Yes- such a thing does exist. You do all the sleepover-y things you normally would - talk, eat yummy pizza, chat, paint each others nails, natter - in the daytime. Who sleeps at sleepovers anyway? Pyjamas optional. 

Who wants to eat raw cookie dough when you can bake your cake and decorate it too. With your new cake baking/decorating stuff. Purple icing anyone?

Nails painted by Channel - cause its more fun to share freebies with friends (not that kind people). 

And that black actually looks really good. 

(Mine are the coral pink. Pretend I didn't seriously mess them up later that day.)

And what's a party without a decent party bag? Without all the plastic tat. 

And friends. Who help me make what could have been a pretty rubbish 18th a pretty good one. Virtual cuddle. 


  1. Virtual cuddle right back. We had great day, and I'd almost forgotten how bad the cakes looked!!!

    1. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT ever say bad things about our cake making skills. They look brilliant (for a first attempt).

  2. Thay tasted good, and we have improved since then :)