May 08, 2014

In "My" Kitchen

I have a sous chef. Normally, this is an honor reserved for only the most revered of chefs who have at least two Michelin Stars, but you also get a sous chef if you are unable to get about in the kitchen due to physical restrictions. She's called your mother. 

We've been getting up to a lot in our little kitchen recently. When I say a lot, we really haven't been doing all that much. When I say we, I obviously mean mainly Mom. Basically, I can sit at the table, read the recipe and chop stuff up. If I'm very lucky, I get to measure stuff out too! This isn't a comprehensive list of what we've created, just what I remembered/could be bothered to photograph.  

We're currently on the hunt to perfect the cheese-less pizza. So far, we've tried putting jarred sauce and toppings on a brought base, and adding vegetables to a garlic pizza bread with sun dried tomato puree (Dad found those in Sainsbury's). The main issue with both was that the topping fell off. It was like eating bread and salad. Not good. Choosing between the two, I'd say that the pizza sauce on a pizza base was my preferred option, it was just more pizza-y. Also, I prefer thick based pizza's to the uber-thin crispy Italian style bases, so the garlic bread was not even close to what I wanted. 

The trouble with baking is; whilst I really enjoy doing it, at the moment I just don't want to eat what I create. Most credit for these mini Victoria Sandwiches goes to my friend, which is a perfect solution to the baking issue, she did half (and more) of the work, so she gets to take half (or more) of the end results home. Happily, she lives in a household of four, who will actually eat the cake. 

P.S. Is it supposed to be icing sugar or caster sugar on the top?

Another way to solve the baking issue is to bake for someone else. Like the nurses at the hospital. And the doctors. And the pharmacists. And whoever else magically finds themselves in the office. It can fit a lot of people in, believe me. 

And yes, I know it is a bit bright, but the icing was reduced. And it looks so pretty...

Apparently chemo makes you want to eat salad... Or it makes me want to eat salad at any rate. Trouble is, you're not always aloud to eat salad when your on chemo, so when you are, it better be pretty damn fine. 

By the way Mom, this one doesn't have enough lettuce to carry all the other vegetables.  

Samosa French Toast Sandwich anyone? This is a recipe we sort of followed from Vegan Richa's blog, but we didn't have all the spices, so we followed the general idea by mixing curry paste into instant mashed potato, and then used that as the sandwich filling. It did turn out to be a bit of a carb fest for me at the time though, I didn't manage all of it. Curry ketchup did help though. 

Kale chips. I miss kale. The kale season has just ended in Morrison's. When does it start again? 

(Kale chips are pieces of kale that have been seasoned and lightly oiled, then baked until they go all crispy. It's a bit like a massive piece of that crispy seaweed you get in Chinese restaurants, but not as sugary/salty and much nicer.) 

Spaghetti and meat Quorn(TM)balls. 

Yes Dad, I want actual spaghetti noodles, not pasta shapes. 

Yes I want the brown spaghetti. 

Well it's not like you're gonna eat it. (Dad won't eat Quorn(TM) )

Welcome to the most gigantanourmous mushroom pasty you will ever see. Let's call him Norman. Why not? I fancied a mushroom pasty. Not a chicken and mushroom pasty (for obvious non-veggie reasons) or a cheese and onion pasty (I don't care if it's veggie, it is not a mushroom pasty). I wanted a mushroom pasty. The problem was that it just quite literally didn't seem to exist. So we made one. It just turned out a bit bigger than I was expecting. Like 3 times as big. I ate all the mushrooms, and some of the pastry. And no, Dad is not too old to turn Norman into a smiley face with the brown sauce. Wait till you see the giraffe shaped pizza's he cut out for my brother. My brother now insists that Mom cuts up his pizza. 

The warm weathers here (?) so veggie kebabs anyone? Cooked in the oven and not on the barbecue of course. And those pieces of sweet potato that you can see lying around? If someone had told me that sweet potato is too hard to skewer before I'd chopped it up I'd be a happy bunny. 

Noodles with spinach, mushrooms and chicken style Quorn(TM) slices. 

Nicer than a pot noodle, and still made in less than 5 minutes. 

And finally this is...

This is... 

This is ...

This is something that doesn't have a name. Because we really can't keep calling them 'Fish-less Fishcakes' forever. Even calling them 'Vegan Fishcakes' is wrong. 

So... We've been making them a lot recently... Anyone know what to call them?

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