May 07, 2014

In Other, Less Interesting News # 3

1. I'm still alive. Yeah, after so much Internet silence, I'd be shocked too. 

2. I gained enough 'BEAR codes' to get a map and stickers. I have since also gained enough for several maps and stickers. I have a whole envelope full of BEAR codes now that I just can't BEAR to throw away - so, anyone lacking some codes?

3. I have found out I can edit my photos. Right away without having to save up to buy fancy editing software. The wonders Windows has hidden away. So, while my photo's will still be pretty rubbish (taken on my phone, by a bad photographer etc.) they will hopefully start to improve. At any rate I made all the ones taken in my dark, badly lit bedroom a bit brighter. 

4. I got two BEAR cards in one Yoyo. How cool is that?

5. I finished chemo. Now I just need to work on NOT wanting to spend all day sleeping. 

6. I turned 18. I am now legally able to vote, buy alcohol, and get married without permission. 

So far, I have not done anything but sgwiggle 18 in my porridge that morning. 

7. You look like and idiot when you are wearing a woollen hat and sun cream. Sunhats do not hide the baldness from the general population. 

8. It's official. My Dad can't open a Capri Sun. 

9. I'm having a cherry lollipop.

10. In my last chemo week, I said yes to both a cup of tea and a cooked breakfast. Thoroughly shocking the HCA, cause I've been going there since August and had not done either before that last week. 

11. I have committed myself to posting a blog post at least once a week. Wish me luck with that last one. 

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