March 11, 2014

Nice Nails # 8

They were taken in a hospital. In my defense over very bad pictures on a less than perfect background, they were taken in a hospital. With limited resources. And taking it with one hand. Which is hard. Especially when you're using the hand that you do NOT favor. 

Plus, to be honest, the nails aren't that good when we had got to this point. It had been like, two weeks. Who still has perfect nails after they've been wearing them for a fortnight?

Autumn colors don't last very long around here. They 'blossom' for a day or two, and then they fall of the trees, and then it rains. And then they get trodden on. 

And hence the autumn colors are quickly replaced my mush slush color on the floor. Which looks like something left by a dog with a bad owner who doesn't carry nappy sacks with them. Yes, you know exactly what I mean. You also now know that I can't spell the fancy word for it that begins with 'ex'. Not that that should come as a surprise. This is when we call it 'winter'. Around here, it is a long season. Think The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 

It also doesn't help that I didn't go any where with trees during 'Autumn'. 

So it's official. I've got Autumn colors withdrawal syndrome. So lets get my Aunt to put random autumnal colors on my nails, and everybody happy. 

Plus it inspired my Aunt to go random with her nails too. And her pupils noticed. (Or one little girl did anyway.) Random wins. 

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