February 23, 2014

Nice Nails # 7

One day, I will be up to date with these Nice Nails posts. The only reason that I have any confidence that this will happen is because there is not a lot of words to each post, and because I have let my nails go rather of late. And so haven't been taking pictures. And so there's no posts to write. 

Before you look at these pictures and start worrying that I've gone all goth/emo/scene (Mom), let me explain. I have not gone in for an alternative fashion (I spend most of my time in pajamas anyway), I was going for a Bonfire Night theme. Due to Bonfire Night being more than 3 months ago we will go with a...

With a...

With a...

Can anyone think about why someone would have fireworks in February? When someone does, that's why my nails look alarmingly (Mom) dark. 

You can't really see with my dodgy pictures, but...

Actually, due to my hands both being in the picture, Mom took the pictures. For once, it's not me. 

You can't really see with THE dodgy pictures, but these nails are really cool. They sparkled. Oh, do they sparkle. Oh, they sparkled. 

Just take it from me, they were a lot better than they look in these photos. To be honest, I don't even know why I bother showing you, but hey ho. 

Just use your imagination. Please? 

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