January 09, 2017

To Make List - January 2017

So a few months ago I posted the November 2016 To Make List. Yes I haven't posted anything since then. I'm sorry guys. I'm working on it. Pinky swear I am. 

But back to the point. My Nana has been very interested since then to know how many of the things on that list I have actually made. 


Give me a minute... 

So that would be 9 out of the 24 items on that list. Which isn't actually that many. Not even half. Also - I have no photographic evidence. But everything I did make was yummy. Its just revision got a bit stressful and I didn't really fancy eating much, and so I didn't really fancy cooking much. So no pictures. 

However this time, I have no exams. And life will will not be so stressful. So hopefully I will make much more from this list. 

I really hope so. It all looks so yummy..... 

So so so so yummy!!!!!! :D :D :D 

So, I was very VERY kindly given an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and that meant that I could buy books. 

Buying books is SO MUCH FUN. And yeah, patience was not utilized and I have already spent it all. What can I say..... books...... 

Books are good :) 

I did get myself some book books, but because a lot of the books on the list of books I want to read in the near future are books that I'd probably buy myself anyway, I also got myself a couple of cookbooks. 

They're still books. And I will get many hours of fun reading them cover to cover like a book. 

I got The Best Homemade Kids Snacks on the Planet by Laura Fuentes just over a year ago from Waterstones on a whim. I had over 60£ in points on my Waterstones card (I know, I know, it was great) and I was in the mood for a bit of a (no cost) book shopping spree. 

And what part of that title does not look great? I know.... 

But it actually turned out to be one of my most used cookbooks, which is more than impressive considering that it wasn't even a vegetarian cookbook, never mind a vegan one.

So I decided to order the other two by Laura Fuentes, The Best Homemade Kids Lunches on the Planet and The Best Grain Free Family Meals on the Planet

But they've not arrived yet. (How rude and inconvenient of my books). 

So this months to make list is entirely from the MOMables website (the authors website). Most of them are not already vegan, but making them so shouldn't be a problem.

I thought this Ramen soup had hotdogs in. I may end up adding some veggie dogs just because.

I have spent too long watching Once Upon a Time lately not to crave Granny's Lasagna. But cooking Lasagna for one is just a faff, and to be honest a waste of electricity. This skillet lasagna may be the answer.

This enchilada soup has smoked paprika in it. I already love it.

Ah.... I love spiralling. This recipe using spiralled veg instead of pasta is definitely a winner for me.

Is it too cold for trail mix popsicles?

Cause I love salsa...

Cause cookie dough everything is a good idea. Always.

The banana obsession has still not subsided. Enter these granola bars.

Obviously I would need to vegan-ize this pasta salad... but after that it sounds perfect.

And ladybug pasta salad also sounds like a winner.

And with all this pasta, we need to let the rice have a look in.

Because no you can never make enough soup.

Vegan-ized homemade egg breakfast muffins. Totally a thing. (Or soon to be).

And even better, I just made the trail mix popsicles for breakfast (using my Zoku popsicle maker and Alpro plain yogurt) so thats one down (and they (I had 3, dont judge me) were SUPER YUMMY!!). 

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