October 29, 2016

The To Make List - November 2016

This lentil soup from Oh She Glows

A Christmas themed enchilada casserole? Um yas.....

Chocolate Chia pudding sounds awesome (I mean, chocolate....)

Broccoli cheeze soup. Well.... Um.... Broccoli. And vegan cheese. And...

Cauliflower mac and cheese? And so easy? Basically comfort food made out of veggies....

Candy Cane Beta Brownies

Quinoa for breakfast. With chocolate. 

I made this pumpkin bread last year. And I'm gonna make it again this year.

Gingerbread overnight oats... sign me up...

Actually basically all of the overnight oat recipes from My Whole Food Life......

Because you can't go wrong with these for breakfast

This kidney bean pasta looks super simple (and thats okay with me)

You can never have too much Quinoa, especially at breakfast.

These smokey chickpeas look great!

And even more breakfast Quinoa. This time in gingerbread.

Another remake with these vegan meatloaf burgers.

All the soup. Like, all of it,

Falafal burgers.

Rice pudding.

Lamington Baked Oatmeal? Yas

And more gingerbread.... cause....

And then maybe some actual gingerbread men...

Chai tea + chocolate = winner

Just yah. 


  1. That broccoli cheese soup looks incredible. I've bookmarked it!