January 18, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday - January 18th 2017

 Okay, just so that we're all clear, this is what I ate in a week, not what I ate today. 

Also, this is not everything I've eaten in the last week, I am a firm believer of cook once and then enjoy the leftovers, and so many meals have been multiples of the ones shown. Or variations on the theme of. 

And I appologize for the poor picture quality. I'll try better next week. 

I used veggie bacon and nooch to make the Avocado Bacon and Parmesan Pasta Lunch from MOMables.

I made the Oreo Cookie Pancakes from Chocolate Covered Katie's blog for my birthday breakfast. 

Apple Crumble

I heavily adapted the Quick and Easy Skillet Lasagna from MOMables and then served it with a side of spinach and olives

GORP oatmeal and pear slices for breakfast. 

The Cookie Dough Yogurt Parfait from MOMables using Alpro vegan yogurt, with a PB&J and a Marvel orange. 

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